McCain’s Matrimonial Math

Posted: May 10, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Robert Stacy McCain as a man with six children and five grandchildren is very good at reproductive math and yesterday he shared some with the public.

 from the day a girl reaches menarche, she has a fixed number of potential reproductive opportunities — in a healthy female, 12 cycles a year for about 25 years from ages 15 to 40, or roughly 300 lifetime chances to become pregnant. If she does not become a mother as a teenager (and middle-class America adamantly believes that teenage motherhood is the worst of all possible fates), this means her reproductive opportunities are reduced to about 240 — 12 menstrual cycles per year for about 20 years. Thus, every year that she delays motherhood represents a reduction in her total fertility.

This biology and math and biology and math don’t give a damn if you are work or want to blame the patriarchy or anything else. The simple truth is that the longer you wait to have children the less likely you will have them.

Now given that the people least likely to have children seem to be those who have embraced the world of the woke this is likely very good news for society and also explains the great need for the left to begin stealing elections in earnest because it’s hard to vote the dead when they haven’t been born and the future belongs to those who show up.

There was a time before the sixties when if a man had a solid job and worked hard it was almost impossible for him to fail to get a wife if he wanted one, my advice to young ladies is this. If you don’t want to be old and alone in your forties find a young man who works hard and has a decent job and pursue him, I’d also suggest a man of faith as he is believes there are eternal consequences if he decides to betray a wife.

In these days of insanity the good hard working God fearing men are a premium product and if you choose to listen to society rather than this advice then if you end up alone and lonely or forced to pick from the dregs in the end you will have only yourself to blame.

You have been warned.

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