Disagreements Under the Fedora

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I’m a fan of the Gatestone Institute but I have to disagree with this line in a piece about Hamas and the support they apparently have around the world as they launch rockets at Israel.

These Arabs evidently understand what the anti-Israel activists around the world fail to see — that Hamas has brought nothing but disaster and despair to the two million Palestinians living under its rule in the Gaza Strip

I don’t think the anti-Israel activists fail to see this, I think they don’t care, I think their goal is dead Jews and no amount of Arab suffering in the process is too little.

There is something missing in the premise in this article on the Silence of Chuck Schumer

One pro-Palestinian demonstrator launched a firework at bystanders, reportedly causing burns to a 55-year-old woman. Pro-Israel demonstrators were beaten in the street, and pro-Palestinian demonstrators spat at diners at a local steakhouse. Fox News added that a Jewish man was chased in a parking lot by pro-Palestinian demonstrators in a truck, flying Palestinian flags.

Yet Schumer has said nothing about the violence in his own state.

Ironically, Schumer has been voluble about other forms of bigotry, and other riots, celebrating the signing of a bill on anti-Asian hate crimes, and pushing for a bipartisan commission on the Capitol riot of January 6. But he has been silent about antisemitism in New York, and similar attacks in cities around the country, notably Los Angeles, where pro-Palestinian rioters attacked Jews.

Schumer not only understands that this is the base of his party and he can’t lead by attacking them, but he also understand that not only would the violent types he’s been condoning for a year would turn on him like a shot but he also understands that as a Jew he and his family would be targeted and killed with glee.

That’s why the left is easy on this violence because the only thing these folks hate more than us is an apostate.

On twitter yesterday I pointed out the left should be happy about these audits as they should prove how wrong we on the right are about the election and got this response from a lefty:

The number of falsehoods in this reply are considerable and I’ve presumed that our friends in the left know this to be the case but this piece at the American Mind suggests there is something else at play:

The same holds true for Democrats. When it comes to the legacy media, well-known technocrats, or leftist politicians, they will default to an assumption of truthfulness. Reporters can repeatedly report lies, Anthony Fauci can flip-flop constantly on health policy, and Andrew Cuomo can lie about sending elderly New Yorkers to their deaths, but they are all still trusted. Collecting the evidence and doing the work of finding and accepting the truth is much harder than simply trusting them, so people ignore the red flags and contradictions. Conservatives can safely claim that they had no part in these disasters, but progressives are forced to account for their misguided support of such people. It’s much easier to ignore the evidence and accuse the other side of being crackpots and bigots.  

To acknowledge reality is to acknowledge responsibility. As Prager said he now understands how so many Germans were willing to pretend the Nazi’s were not what they were.

I wish this was a surprise:

I have no idea why baseball executives think it is appropriate to celebrate an armed robber, drug addict, petty criminal, arrest resister and sometime porn performer, or why they think this is what their fans want to see. But I have no intention of patronizing a business that does something this clueless.

The reality is they’re not worried about John Hinderacker going to the park they’re afraid of it being burned down, particularly when the size of your police force continues to drop.

If I owned the Twins I’d move them.

Finally yesterday I went for breakfast with my wife. I had the check book with me and was writing out some water bills. Apparently this got the attention of someone at the next table and his wife who said about 15 minutes he wanted me to run for mayor.

It was very odd and slightly flattering and the look on my wife’s face was interesting but I think that in a city that voted for both Hillary and Biden in a deep blue state a public Trump fan like me is not likely to go anywhere when it comes to elective office.

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