I Don’t Blame China & Russia, I blame American Elites who are owned by them

Posted: May 23, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

There is one vital thing worth noting concerning our issues with Russia and China and it’s something that President Trump noted during his first term in office.

He noted that both China and Russia were acting in the interests of China and Russia and that he didn’t expect them to do otherwise, but the real issue was for the US acting in the interest of the US.

Now in fairness Russia acting for Russia while making sure that the two largescale invasions of Russia, one each during the last two centuries (Napoleon & Hitler) are not repeated often means acting to preserve the power of Putin in general and the oligarchs who support him in particular while crushing those who oppose him and China acting in the interest of China means not only making sure China is not simply a servant of foreign powers (see Japan circa the 1930’s & the various great powers in the 19th century) but primarily propping up the communist party state and apparatus while crushing any who might stand up for human rights.

But however you look at it both states are acting in their own perceived interest which is what having a state is all about.

However under the Biden administration the US is not about defending US interests or principles or people. It’s become about advancing the agenda of elites who are by and large being rewarded & supported by our foes and rivals.

Under Donald Trump this gravy train was stopped and the average American did better than he had done in decades.

Under this administration the average American is an afterthought at best and an obstacle to be pushed out of the way at worst

Again I don’t blame Russia, China or even Iran for working toward these result, I would expect them to do no less.

Alas there was a time when I expected more from those who supposedly serve America, I no longer do and until enough people get angry enough to do something about it these non-existent expectations will be met on a regular basis.

Unexpectedly of course

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