No Surprises from the NSA, Leftist dupes, Antifa, Voter ID or James O’Keefe Under the Fedora

Posted: July 8, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

So now we have the NSA spying on political enemies of the administration and reporters and nobody in the MSM thinks it’s a big deal.

Yeah these guys are fighting Nazis

One of the ladies who complained about the “woman” with her dick out in front of young kids was beside herself at what had happened saying:

‘I’m a registered democrat, I’ve been to gay pride, I have no problem with gay people I have no problem with trans people,’ she said. ‘This is different. This is different. My daughter is six years old, and she was nude, and this person wasn’t making any attempt to look like a woman whatsoever.’

That’s just it, it’s not different, it’s never been different. This and worse has always been the end game but you were more interested in feeling superior to the conservatives warning you what was coming than in protecting your kid.

FYI the other interesting story concerning this is the Antifa thugs beating up protesters at the scene but being beaten by a member of the Mexican mafia and then running to the police they want to defund for protection.

The police there apparently didn’t care until about the violence while Antifa was dishing it out but once they were the target then they jumped in.

It’s pretty sad when you reach the point where members of the Mexican mafia play the role of the good guys.

A lot of people are suddenly shocked that Democrats are saying they’ve always been for voter ID. I’m not so much.

You see voter ID is big on people who vote on election day, if you are manufacturing false ballots for fake people, it’s not so decisive.

I’m sure they’re happy to make sure conservative prove that they have supposed to vote while they bypass this stuff, because in the end as long as they are the ones counting the ballots it doesn’t matter.

Finally James O’Keefe won a big legal victory that stopped Twitter from moving his case against them. Twitter presumed that O’Keefe was looking to get big monetary damages and was using as the basis for the move to the case to a friendly court.

It was a surprise to them but not to anyone who understands how O’Keefe & company roll.

The federal judge shot them down. Once the depositions start coming under oath fun things are going to happen.

  1. Deserttrek says:

    Lived in SoCal for a long time and Mexican culture is not into messing with women and children, unless they do it. Know some “bad guys” who would not tolerate such behavior out of anybody regardless of who they may be. There are lines of sanity. antifa boys and girls need to watch out, the gangbangers are tougher than they will lever be and can dish it out