The COVID Vaccine Logic Pretzels

Posted: July 30, 2021 by datechguy in News/opinion

So let’s get this straight…

We are being told that if you get the vaccine for the Chinese Covid Virus you should wear a mask and avoid contact to keep from getting or spreading the disease you are being vaccinated for because you can still get and/or spread said virus despite the vaccine.

Yet we are being told at the same time that if you DON’T have the vaccine you not only risk getting the disease but are a danger to others. We are being told this is true even if you have had the disease and thus your body already has the antibodies for this disease whose generation is the purpose of getting said vaccine. Moreover we are being told this even though we are regularly getting reports of fully vaccinated people getting the disease and being made to quarantine in the sports world.

Now I have a degree in computer science but you don’t need such a degree to see the illogic of this.

That people are actually falling for this in an indictment of our educational system and/or our ability of self delusion, so lets cut to the chase and untangle this logic pretzel:

The reality is these vaccines are glorified flu shots.

Now there is nothing wrong with glorified flu shots, they are useful to have around and for people of particularly high risk of death from the Chinese COVID virus are a Godsend.

It should also be noted that given the emergency with the outbreak of COVID the fact that we even have glorified flu shots at this point is pretty impressive and said shots and both the safety and the effectiveness of these shots are bound to increase over time as the scientists who have worked and continue to work on them get more and better data through testing and experimentation. I’m betting that by 2024 or 25 the ratio of side effects vs effectiveness will be the same or better as an actual flu shot.

But given the increased risks over a standard flu shot and the fact that we are constantly hearing of fully vaccinated people not only testing positive but being told that they should be under restriction I can’t see a credible argument for getting this shot if you are:

Not at high risk


Have already had COVID

Moreover given the financial and political incentives out there and the credibility of those involved I’d be careful of any pronouncements people give on the subject (feel free to apply that standard to this post).

So in conclusion:

If you’ve considered these facts and decided that currently the benefits for you outweigh the risks and decide to get one of the shots that’s fine, it’s up to you.

If you’ve decided that they currently don’t and choose not to get the shot or to defer until such a time as they do that’s fine and up to you.

Oh and If you base your decision on getting the shot on politics that’s up to you and who knows the decision you make might still be the correct one for you based on your own risk/reward standards….,but you’re an idiot.

  1. Bill H. says:

    San Diego is mostly ignoring the new masking “advisory.” The grocery store does not require masks, Subway sandwich shop does not, the barber shop does not, the UPS store does not, the gym does not, and Discount Tire does not. You can only scare people so long before they realize it’s a con game.

  2. Aelin says:

    Thanks for trying to untangle this “logic pretzel”. Astonishing how naive and gullible people are these days. It’s shocking, tbh.

    Long-term testing for the mRNA and nanoparticle technology used in these shots remains to be done. This fact, along with the dire warnings of imminent immunologists and doctors, together with the vast numbers of serious side effects and deaths reported to the CDC VAERS site– more than reported for all other vaccines in the past 30 years COMBINED, should also weigh in on an informed decision.

    And one thing more: there are effective therapies out there. Ivermectin, or hydroxycloroquine combined with zinc and an antibiotic, are proving very effective—particularly when started immediately, just as soon as symptoms begin. Or they can even be taken as a preventative…. Check out FLCCC Alliance for this kind of expert medical help for dealing with covid.

    According to a Cleveland Clinic study, natural immunity after having covid makes you extremely resilient for the future, likely the immunity lasts for years and years. You will be far, far more resilient than you could ever be with the shots.

    Last but not least, please remember everyone: Cells from aborted babies were used to create these “vaccines” as well. Do you really want to be part of that?

  3. Pod Hamp says:

    Thanks for straightening that out. Sometime I feel like I need a cheat sheet to figure out the logic.