Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora Mostly Olympics Edition

Posted: August 3, 2021 by datechguy in culture, Sports, Vive L'Empereur
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It really amazes me that the same people in the media who take no offense with American Olympic Athletes running down our country that they supposedly represent taking great offense at me choosing not to support them for that reason.

The people who are rushing to say the failure of the “transgender woman” weightlifter to place proves there is no advantage for men claiming to be ladies might have a better argument if the weightlifter in question was not in his mid 40’s.

The fact that a mid forty’s guy was able to beat out any women from his country to represent it in the Olympics speaks volumes concerning this reality.

If you really want to understand how crazy this all is go to a venue that requires masks and tell them you are in fact masked and define yourself as masked while at the same time insisting that you in fact the opposite sex of what you are.

Watching them slobber to call you by the sex you desire while insisting that the evidence of their own eyes is enough to determine if you’re wearing a mask will speak volumes.

I’m really torn on the Simone Biles business, particularly after she came back to compete in a singles event. A player who knows they are a drag on the team should not jeopardize their position on the other had at this level does a person owe it to their team to go forward if at all possible.

Can you imagine how the person who was the last cut from the squad must have felt knowing that they were bumped for someone who backed out of the competition?

It’s unfortunate that Biles will likely be remembered more for this moment then her previous successes, I wonder if she considered that before making the call?

Finally we once again had an Arab athlete in judo pull out because they drew an Israeli opponent in the competition.

This is constantly spun as being done in support of the Palestinians but in my eyes he is simply terrified at being beaten by a Jew on an international stage.

Given the record of Arab nation in warfare against Israel this fear is a lot less irrational than it sounds.

Finally China seems to be hypersensitive as to how their athletes are being portrayed, particularly in losses to Japan.

As I’ve written before I believe China as a nation still hasn’t gotten over what Japan did to them in WW 2 and I suspect defeat at their hands, really rubs them the wrong way.

My gut tells me that China is doing what it’s doing these days because they know the demographic clock is against them and figure their time to flex their international muscle is now.

  1. Aelin says:

    The “mental health” description of Biles’ problem is completely wrong. That’s why the confusion. Everyone going on and on praising Biles for taking care of her “mental health” is completely off. I agree that it’s ridiculous to praise a star athlete for dropping out because of “mental health” issues, especially with another great athlete having lost that spot on the team..

    The truth is she had a medical problem, as the team first announced. It is known in the gymnastics world as “the twisties”. It is a problem with her sense of equilibrium. This means she suddenly started to completely lose track of herself in the air, and had no idea of where the ground was anymore. You can see a slow-motion video of a qualifying vault she did at Tokyo, where her head goes the wrong way for a twisting move she makes… her former fellow gymnast Laurie Hernandez explains it all in the video. Seeing as these are very dangerous stunts Biles is doing, she was absolutely right to pull out. She could have easily broken her back or her neck, since she could no longer tell where she was in the air or even where the floor was. Extremely dangerous situation..

    This whole thing just happened to her. The malady just struck out of the blue at the Olympics. What a devastating blow for her, yet she was such a great sport through it all, cheering for her teammates enthusiastically and graciously supporting them throughout. Instead of dwelling on this terrible loss for herself, she turned her thoughts outwards and gave more love to her team. She even managed to come back in the individual beam finals, by removing her complicated twisting dismount. She took the twists right out of the routine, which meant she had to settle for bronze.

    She is just an incredible gymnast. This is a lady who turns towards our flag with her hand over her heart. I highly recommend people check out some videos of her at championships earlier this year. She does moves no one has ever dreamed possible.