The Unexpectedly Chronicles Unimpeachable Cuomo, Unprincipled Obama, Un-Victorious Biden, Uncowed Twitter Heroes and the Unleashed Vaccine Lawyers Under the Fedora

Posted: August 16, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I’m old enough to remember when Democrats thought that impeachment & a trial was fine even if a person was out of office. but now that it’s Cuomo and not Trump the Democrats and media don’t believe it so much anymore.

Unexpectedly of course

I found this paragraph in Matt Taibbi’s piece on Obama absolutely hilarious.

Obama was set up to be the greatest of American heroes, but proved to be a common swindler and one of the great political liars of all time — he fooled us all.

I beg to differ, he fooled YOU all. There were plenty of us who saw Obama for the unqualified Chicago machine pol that he was and said it loudly, we were dismissed as racists or ignorant or both. That it took you this long to figure it out speaks volumes but in fairness there are plenty who never will so I guess that’s progress.

Unexpectedly of course

Two things come to mind seeing the rapid fall of Afghanistan contrary to all the public predictions by the best and brightest in the Biden administration and the shock of the Bill Kristols of the world at their dishonorable behavior.

  1. When you have your intelligence and military services targeting your domestic political foes that are not likely to be worried about losing an actual shooting war.
  2. When your administration is own and put in power by the enemies of the country it’s likely that they consider a humiliatingly dishonorable defeat for America as a feature rather than a goal.

Why it’s almost as if you have an administration not legitimately elected that doesn’t care what happens to the US.

Unexpectedly of course

One of the most interesting things we’ve seen in the last 48 hours is a brave crew of leftists rushing to twitter to bravely equate Trump supporters and GOP members to the Taliban.

The very fact that they are doing so is proof of the lie, because if the Tea Party the GOP and Trump supporters were like the Taliban folks like these twitter heroes would be dead or in hiding and would not dare to express such opinions. The fact they can and do proves either they are lying through their teeth and/or simply stupid

Unexpectedly of course

Finally I’ve written about the vaccine it’s use and current side effects in the past and have a prediction concerning said side effects and the push by the CDC/Biden Administration to get business to require them for employment.

In five or ten years when people start filing lawsuits over said side effects against companies that forced the shots on them and your local TV & Radio stations are full of informercials from lawyers seeking people to join said suits, the media/left will suddenly starting calling them the “Trump Vaccines” again.

Completely unexpectedly of course.

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