Now Comes the Election Steal Body Count

Posted: August 17, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

A quick reminder to everyone who thought it was OK to let the last election be stolen.

Even if we are very lucky and the end result of this Afghanistan debacle is the best care scenario which is :

  • The Russians DON’T take advantage of this situation annex any parts of the Ukraine they want.
  • The Chinese DON’T decide now is the time to take Taiwan
  • Iran DOESN’T feels free to develop their nukes or takes advantage of the US weapons that fleeing Afghan units are bringing with them.
  • The Taliban DOESN’T use their sudden acquisition of 1st world arms and drones to arm and equip Islamic Terrorists
  • The ISIS terrorists now freed in Afghanistan DON’T start planning attacks in the US through our porous southern border

Even if a miracle occurs and none of these obvious consequences take place there will still be tens of thousands of people in Afghanistan slaughtered by the Taliban with millions more repressed as they impose a full Islamic state on the region.

Every one of these deaths will be a direct consequence of the steal of the election and unlike the fantasy costs of “climate change” these will be real people murdered by an Islamic regime out to enforce Islamic law at home and export it abroad.

All of you who let this happen are complicit in it.

And that’s the best case scenario.

On the plus side for you it unless you are a casualty of said terror it will not likely cost you a thing personally so you will not likely care this side of judgement day.

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