One Line Reponses to Tweets From Under My Fedora

Posted: August 24, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I usually don’t spend much time on twitter so this post is going to be an exception rather than a re-occurring theme

First Dick Durbin his tweet:

the line:

Getting a false or stupid message out there for the sake of claiming it’s been said is part of the job description of such a person.


the line

Oddly nobody at NPR cried “cultural imperialism” at the time the institute was created

Jessie Kelly

the line

Over the last few years many monsters have decided it’s safe to take off the mask

Ronny Jackson:

the line

The fall of Afghanistan is no danger to the people who own this administration.

Finally Chris Rufo

the line

CRT is all about empowering and enriching activists who are not otherwise employable,

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