It’s a Crazy World When the Radical Feminists act saner than our Government (And a possible new Law of Media Outrage)

Posted: August 29, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

There is not a lot of good I have to say about radical feminists whose efforts over the last 50 years have done untold damage to this country in general and ironically to women in particular.

However credit where credit is due these radical feminists took the time to act to save women actually under threat:

How did “Aisha” even get the last-minute paperwork? How did she know what gate to approach? How did she and about thirty other Afghan feminists (and counting) finally escape from Hell?

I am thrilled to share that answer. My team consists of radical feminists, anti-trafficking/anti-sex slavery activists and experts, honor killing experts, (myself included), a brilliant legal team—Europeans and Americans, mainly white girls, (who’ve lately been overly maligned): some Jews, some Christians, a Sikh, maybe some atheists—perhaps a Goddess worshiper or two. Who knows? It is my honor and my privilege to be among them.

Via Ed Driscol at insty & Yid with Lid (I know it’s just “the Lidblog” these days but he’ll always be Yid with Lid to me) and yes there are plenty of sane people involved per the list above including the redoubtable Phyllis Chesler who should need no introduction to longtime readers but never the less Radical Feminists are first on this list and they will willing to make common cause with some they might not have in the past to save the lives of Afghan women who might otherwise have to submit to, as what Bill Marr notes actual oppression as opposed to what they’ve defined as oppression for decades.

So today at least let me raise a glass to these radical feminists who have actually done right and will make the lives of the women and the generations that they produce better.

Closing thought #1: I hope I’m wrong but the fact that this piece is out there publicly suggest that the window of these efforts is practically closed. That’s a shame.

Closing thought #2 I suspect that will get almost no exposure in the MSM because highlighting it will only make the Biden Administration & their generals look even worse by comparison, perhaps this should lead to the creation of DaTechGuy’s fifth law of Media Outrage to wit:

Any positive action, even that supposedly advances a goals of or is done by a group allied or identified with the radical left, will not be considered newsworthy nationally if said action has the potential to highlight a failure and/or inaction by a Democrat administration that is in power at the time of said positive action.

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