Just Deserts, Only one pol matters, Fauci shock, Sparing the rod, and the fingers in the pie Under the Fedora

Posted: October 21, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Right now inflation is through the roof, people are being fired from their jobs at a time of a worker shortage.

Hey America you didn’t think it was worth stopping the steal, now live with it.

While the pol numbers out of Virginia are encouraging there are two things to consider:

  1. Apparently there are millions of Virginians who like the idea parents not having a say over their own children or covering up boys in skirts assaulting girls in bathrooms at school.
  2. The only pol that counts is the pol of the people counting the ballots

It’s been amply stated for years that if it’s close enough the left will steal elections. The real question is will they think this race is worth stealing?

Speaking of crimes that will not be punished:

As little as one hundred years ago a man who did this to his country and his own people for profit would have developed an intense fear of lampposts. Today he will retire with a large pension and both films and votive candles with his image will be celebrated.

I suspect that a lot of the real insanity of the left would have been prevented if they had just been spanked as children.

Finally if you want to understand how the media/left/deep state works and has been working for years you can’t do much better than this old clip from the Movie Quiz Show.

This has always been about getting a piece of the grift, the difference is today people are starting to understand it.

Of course we Sicilians understood this long before

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