A Statement That Will Not Make Me Any Friends on Any Side:

Posted: October 20, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

If you disregard the question of the use of aborted babies in their development I submit and suggest that both the decision to take the Covid 19 vaccine and the decision not to take the Covid 19 vaccine are both totally rational decisions that can be reached based on the data the odds and the math.

One can rationally decide that based on the VARES data the odds of complications from the COVID vaccines and the number of breakthrough cases are small enough that the gain from protection from the COVID 19 virus and the mitigation of the inconveniences being imposed by the government are worth receiving it.

One can also rationally decide that given the small chances of death or serious illness from COVID, the advantages of antibodies if you’ve already had COVID vs the vaccines and that while the odds of complications from the vaccines are small they are far greater than all other recent vaccines that the benefits of said vaccines do not outweigh the risks, particularly since you can still get, pass on and even die from the virus if you get it

It is possible that the case for both arguments will improve over time due to either the improvement on the existing vaccines by companies as their data and research knowledge improve or the discovery of long term effect of said vaccines not yet known.

However as of this moment both of these are completely rational and legitimate conclusions based on the data and the facts as we have them now and we do a disservice to society and science if we attempt to delegitimize or censor either opinion or data and voices that support them.

That’s my view based on the data and I’m sticking with it.

Of course if you consider the question of the use of aborted, that is murdered children in their development or formula then the question of taking any of the vaccines becomes a no brainer for any faithful catholic, but that’s an entirely different argument.

  1. Sailorcurt says:

    I’m not sure why your opinion would “make you no friends on any side”.

    The Vaxx true believers that claim the unvaccinated are putting them in danger surely won’t like your opinion. As far as they are concerned, no one has the right to do anything without their approval.

    But for the other side, what’s controversial about your sentiment?

    There are risks and benefits to either decision. Weighting the risks vs the benefits and making a rational decision that best suits one’s personal situation is what freedom is all about (and what the other side opposes so much).

    Are there people on the unvaxxed side trying to shame or force people into not taking the vaccine? I haven’t seen that, and if I do, whoever I see it from will be officially on my “I couldn’t care less what they think” list.

    It makes no difference what position or policy you’re trying force onto others: it’s not the position or policy that makes you evil, it’s that whole “force” thing.

  2. ken says:

    Don’t forget that for the overwhelming majority of people contracting COVID is no big deal.

  3. Deserttrek says:

    Your sentiment is noted and is rational.
    Having been a long time visitor, it fits and I would not have expected anything less.
    What I do believe is irrational on the part of the world is calling the covid juice a vaccine. Yes the government has now changed the definition to make it one.
    Using the definition in use for 100 years or more, the covid juice is not a vaccine. It does not prevent people from catching and it seems to make things worse.

  4. Ragin' Dave says:

    What you said seems completely reasonable.

  5. Aelin says:

    You’re absolutely right, every adult must make his or her own decision and has every right to do so.

    I believe however that unfortunately the vast majority of people are making their decision based on faulty information. We don’t have a situation where each person can simply make the best choice for themselves, since a person with false information does not have the basis to make a wise and sensible decision…..

    For example:

    •How accurate is the data? I’ve read multiple interviews with hospital whistleblowers claiming that they are seeing far worse consequences from these “vaccines” than are being reported. There are all kinds of numbers going unreported or even being fudged in hospitals apparently…. Especially the unusually high incidence of blood-clot related illnesses among the “vaccinated”: Strokes, heart attacks, aneurisms, etc. Also apparently there are other misleading areas in the CDC data: for instance, who is counted as “unvaccinated”? Numerous “vaccinated” people who get sick are apparently being counted as unvaccinated, depending on how many shots they’ve had and how long ago the shot or shots were….

    •We do not yet know the long-term side effects. Are people aware of this and taking it into consideration? Also, what if someone doesn’t realize that some of these approved “vaccines” didn’t even have a control group in the extremely short-term testing?

    •Are people aware of the incredibly high numbers of serious adverse side effects that have been reported, including deaths?

    •There are good therapeutics available for Covid, such as Ivermectin. If people had knowledge of their efficacy and easy access to these medicines, might they choose to forego the experimental shot?

    •What damage may well-meaning parents be inflicting on their children by getting them this shot, because they don’t realize the dangers of heart-inflammation, possible future infertility, etc.? Perhaps they also don’t realize that their child has almost ZERO chance of dying from this corona virus?

    •Do people realize how extremely high the Covid survival rates are?

    •Do people realize that once they’ve been given this experimental shot, they cannot develop the same robust immunity against Covid that they can develop by conquering Covid without the shot? Do they realize that the shot may even make the virus more potent against them?

    Two Further Questions:

    •Is bowing to government pressure instead of following one’s own good judgement ever a worthy choice when it comes to personal medical decisions? Should an adult not always battle to safeguard this fundamental right, even to the point of dying in the struggle if necessary?

    •Is it really simply a personal decision for everyone to make for themselves, if all citizens are being forced to pay taxes for some citizens’ free “vaccinations”?

  6. Aelin says:

    More about this:
    The Often-Overlooked Facts About Covid-19 – American Thinker