Quick Under the Fedora Thoughts “Biden’s” failures, NBA Kanter silence, DeSantis cops and nurses, supply chain irony & Fr. Leonard keeps me busy

Posted: October 25, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

The list of Biden failures in John’s piece on Sunday is really something but it has, in my opinion, one flaw.

I submit and suggest that Joe Biden is not and has not been in charge of this administration. Who is? I’d follow the money.

If you do a search of Enes Kanter you will find an awful lot of stories about his calling out China for what it is. You’ll find them from CBS, CNN, Fox, Yahoo and many others. But I’ve noticed that you won’t find the story at the NBA web site (at least I didn’t). I’ll wager if he was calling out Donald Trump or American police the site would feature him.

You know who you are slaves to by who you can critique.

I think DeSantis recruiting police who have lost their jobs over the Vax Mandate is rather smart. Given the nationwide nursing shortage any governor who did the same would really reap the rewards of fully staffed hospitals and nursing homes.

That would be a pretty big quality of life gain to me.

Normally I buy very cheap $1 earbuds from the dollar store as a five pack because I’m rather rough on them. I found that the store was completely out.

One might argue that this would have happened no matter what due to COVID although I suspect the Trump admin would have taken early action to counter it but with Biden and the like in charge they bear the blame.

It will be quite an irony if the steal of the last election buries Democrats.

Finally blogging will be intermittent this week as I’ll be covering Fr. Leonard Mary’s visit to Fitchburg, Medford and Boston before I go into work each day.

So if posts are late you’ll know why.

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    I don’t know much about this Kanter fellow since I don’t follow sports. And I doubt we share many values and beliefs in common. But he is spot on about China’s treatment of their Muslim minorities, and other Middle Eastern countries lack of a response. It will be interesting to see how long he will keep it up, and at what point he will be told to shut up by the league.