Sarah Silverman and Debra Messing Channel Opus the Penguin on “Nun Beating”

Posted: December 5, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Many years ago in the comic strip “Bloom County” they had a running gag about “Penguin Lust” which went viral in tea shirts mugs etc. There was a particular four panel dayly strip that came to mind that I can’t seem to find.

In Panel one Opus is shown on the phone and you hear the Donahue show ask “Is the caller there?”

In Panel two and three Opus goes on about Penguin Lust and says conslusively that anyone who doesn’t support it is just a prude.

In the final Panel you hear the voice from the phone say: “Great, but our topic is ‘Nun Beating’.” and Opus answers with a shocked look on his face: “Well good God man, I can’t support that!”

And that brings us to Messing and Silverman.

Both of these celebs are reliable liberals, both of them have been happy to go along with what passes for facts on MSNBC, CNN etc, etc for many years and even as they got crazier their faith never waivered.

But a few weeks ago the MSM went too far for Messing when they kept calling the Waukesha Massacre (where an anti-trump anti-white career criminal ran down old ladies and children killing six) an accident:

Notice that she even used the term MSM, to describe media. Man if Rush Limbaugh was still alive he would have had a heart attack from the shock.

And now just under two weeks later the left media went over the line for Sarah Silverman too in an attack on the left/media’s 2nd favorite target Ron DeSantis:

Now while I think it’s quaint that Silverman thinks Joy Reid cares about the truth the point is that the MSM has been for a while narrowing it’s appeal to the point where it is to some degree a fringe product and has they go farther left more and more people pm tje ;eft will find either specific actions or or their general behavior so beyond the pale that they will like Opus on Nun beating declare: “Well good God man I can’t support that!”

It’s progress but I’m old enough to remember when deploring massacres and reporting facts by the media would have been considered a given.

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