More Proof that Men Won the Sexual Revolution Hands (and Pants) Down

Posted: December 15, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I’m not shocked it’s easy to find men who extol the value of sleeping around without responsibility. Men have wanted sex without responsibility as long as there have been men.

I am shocked that woman celebrate this idea and think it’s a selling point for an ad:

Men for Pump & Dump

Gone are the days of my dad telling us: “If she’s good enough to sleep with she’s good enough to marry.” Now we actually have a section of society celebrating men who wants the rewards of sex and none of the responsibility. The society we have replaced it with is one where a college woman can start her twenties sleeping with med students and congressmen and find herself in her thirties dumped by a hippie DJ. As Stacy McCain noted:

Working in political journalism, you encounter a lot of this type of woman, and one thing you discover in talking to them is that their personal narrative is usually incongruent with their behavior. The 25-year-old party girl, who bounces from one short-term boyfriend to the next, doesn’t think of herself as promiscuous. She may have been with a dozen men in the two or three years since she graduated college, but that doesn’t mean she’s a slut. No, her tawdry six-week fling was a “relationship,” she’ll tell you. She’ll say things like, “We really cared about each other, it just didn’t work out.” And so she bounces along: Six weeks with this guy, three months with that guy, maybe a few one-night-stand hookups with cute strangers when she was between “relationships” (and drunk at a party), and she can’t bring herself to admit that perhaps there’s something wrong with her behavior. Her talk about “love” and “relationships” is a rationalization, as is feminist talk about promiscuity as sexual “empowerment.” She isn’t empowered at all; in fact, she’s negotiating from a position of weakness, wasting her youth and sustaining emotional damage, while telling herself that anyone who criticizes her irresponsible behavior is motivated by envy or misogyny. You’re a “hater” if you advise young women not to screw around haphazardly, or otherwise express disapproval of such behavior.

This is a formula for a woman being alone in their 30’s and 40’s

Bottom line Men won the sexual revolution hands and pants down

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