NFL Covid, DTG’s Plan, Pats streak ends, Brady Does Jones a favor and Baseball’s Stupidity Under the Fedora

Posted: December 23, 2021 by datechguy in baseball, nfl, Sports

The Woke NFL’s new policy on COVID whereby players aren’t constantly tested unless they are showing symptoms is a bow to reality and to the narrative.

The NFL embraced the whole Biden Admin you MUST get the vac business but the sight of games cancelled because of fully vaxed players still coming down with COVID is not only a danger to the bottom line and to player relations but it looks really bad for the Vax Nazis when fully vaxed players with little or no symptoms are missing games while at the same time trying to push said vax on the working public.

Of course the players who will not be tested can still catch the virus, carry the virus and even pass it on, but as long as they do so without causing a game to be delayed or cancelled it’s OK with the league.

The obvious question is: Do I have a better plan? Given what we’ve seen and know, yes.

Drop all testing. If a player is sick he doesn’t play. If he is not he does.

No charge

The Patriots winning streak ended in Indy as all winning streaks eventually do. the QB Mac Jones was rather subdued about it as several rookie mistakes on his part (combined with some horrible undisciplined penalties) cost them what was a very winnible game.

How he comes back from this next week vs Buffalo will say a lot about his future but with three weak opponents out of the final four games it’s pretty safe to say that Jones will be starting at least one playoff game as a rookie.

The other question is will the people who’ve been lionizing him for a month now jump off the bandwagon? I suspect that will depend on Buffalo.

Ironically one of the best things to give Jones perspective was Tom Brady’s and the Tampa Bay Bucs humiliating 9-0 shutout by the Saints.

“Just a tough night,” Brady said after the first home shutout of his 23-year career and first anywhere since a 21-0 loss at Miami on December 10, 2006, when Nick Saban was still coaching the Dolphins.

No current member of the Saints was in the NFL at the time. Defensive end Cam Jordan, who had two of the four sacks of Brady, was in high school in Chandler, Arizona.

Brady was clearly losing his temper on the sidelines but to me that’s a good thing. Great players expect a lot from themselves and if they fail to deliver as spectacularly as Tom did last week they should be angry.

But Mac Jones can get perspective here. If the best of all time can have a game like this during an MVP caliber season then he sure can have a bad game took.

BTW Watch for the media to go full on “Brady is finished” narrative to start up again.

The Baseball lockout is a great example of insanity.

You have a sport whose fanbase like me is aging and is in declining popularity. A sport that needs a spark and what do you get? Players making 6-10 figures arguing with owners making even more. This type of incompetence give the Biden Administration a run for its money.

The proof that baseball is the worlds most perfect sport is that it manages to survive time and again the regular idiocy of those in charge of it.

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