My Aaron Rogers Question (or How to Prove Just how Exceptional Tom Brady Was in One Step)

Posted: March 12, 2022 by datechguy in Uncategorized

There has been a lot of talk on sports radio about the huge contract that the Green Bay Packers gave Aaron Rogers. A little bit has been insane sour grapes from the Kapernick crowd but the most common gripe I’ve heard has been that Aaron Rogers has won only one Superbowl and thus the price paid for him is completely insane and unreasonable.

So to those people who go on about his playoff failures I ask this question:

Can you name all the Active NFL Quarterbacks who have won more Superbowls as a starter than Aaron Rogers?


No active QB in the NFL has won more than one Superbowl as a starter so going after the Green Bay Packers for signing the man who was MVP for the last two years because he’s only won one superbowl is insane.

Rogers is the best QB out there available and if Green Bay has the other tools in place he’s still their best chance to get another title, period.

Incidentally that stat proves just how much Tom Brady has skewed how things are looked at. Brady’s choke hold on titles has set such a standard that a single title is now considered inadequate

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