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John Cleese being interviewed by the Babylon Bee was good, but I have to give the Keven Downey Jr the nod for the best bit about what the left has become:

I’ve been a comedian for 33 years. I’ve seen the transformation myself. There was a time when, if conservatives didn’t like a joke, they simply wouldn’t laugh. Worst-case scenario, they’d walk out. Today, if a comedian cracks a ha-ha that the non-binary, freakshow woke brigade doesn’t like, may God protect them and their career. They’ll have you working at a car wash and then burn down the car wash for hiring you.

The dirty little secret is that is that I suspect they have actually always been the Red Guards or at least the Red Guards wanna bees but never felt safe enough to be open about it, not even to potential allies in Hollywood back in the day.

Bogart, much like his Hollywood persona, was a mercurial fellow. You didn’t backstab Bogie. Already a loose fuse, he grew redder and redder as the facts on Hollywood’s communists rolled in, and then he detonated. “You [expletive, plural] sold me out!” he yelled at Danny Kaye.

Unbelievable as it may seem, Lauren Bacall later said that as she and Bogie and the others flew to Washington, they did not know that most of the unfriendlies called to testify were secretly members of the Communist Party. “We didn’t realize until much later,” she admitted, “that we were being used to some degree by the Unfriendly Ten.” She conceded that they had been foolishly naïve, headstrong, emotional, and that they had hastily strolled into something “we knew nothing about.

Most members of the Committee for the First Amendment felt that way. The group fell silent, withered, and died.

This has been the Hollywood left’s game for decades John Cleese’s remarks concerning this stuff should be required watching