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People really need to take a look at Colorado where a pair of candidates that nobody ever heard of managed to get a ton of primary votes, one of them winning the GOP primary for sec of state, you know the person who decides if an election is honest.

Never forget by the Democrat standard Al Capone was never a gangster because he never was convicted of same.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised that the the wrath of man has not fallen on Bishop McManus for steadfastly sticking with his decision concerning the Jesuit Trinity School and the gay pride and BLM flags.

Whoever leaked the private talks hoping to see the same reaction as with the Dobbs decision but with all that is happening with SCOTUS and Dobbs the Bishop has become small potatoes easy to ignore.

In West Hollywood in the face of an increase in crime the city has voted to replace armed sheriff’s deputies with unarmed security guards who are not only unarmed but have no authority to arrest people committing crimes.

Well at least there will be more people to run away.

That we’ve reached a point were a sitting president is attacking local gas station owners over his policies that have choked off the energy supply of America is astounding.

But not as astounding as the idea that millions of Americas would still be willing to vote for this administration despite it’s continual failures in order to prevent mean tweets out of the White House.

Given the choice of suffering for themselves and others or admitting they were wrong there are many who will always choose the later because embarrassment for them is the ultimate sin.

The potential for strikes among union dock workers in LA and other western ports is bad news for the country but is great news for the Biden Administration.

They will rush to use this as an excuse for a continued shortages of everything from fuel to tampons.

Given the end result of two years of their rule excuses are the only thing this country has in abundance.

By John Ruberry

While I was a child at the time, I don’t recall much during the politically turbulent 1960s and early 1970s in regard to protests of July 4th, that is, America’s Independence Day. 

But of course, 21st-century leftists will take things too far. And the progressives never seem to be at a loss for anger. The most egregious attack on the 4th, and to be fair, America, comes from Tucson, Arizona and in a since-deleted Tweet, captured by Libs of Tik Tok, the Pima County Democratic Party wrote, “F*ck the Fourth,” along with a graphic that included this message for the Tucson Women’s Network, “Bring comfortable shoes, water, lawn chairs, posters, and your anger.” The other group’s graphic, as you can see, doesn’t use an asterisk in the F-word.

The “F*ck the 4th” protest is in response to last month’s US Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson case, in an expected ruling–courtesy of a leaked draft opinion–which overruled Roe v. Wade and returns the abortion ruling to the states. 

And in those states, besides Arizona, there are pro-abortion protests planned in conjunction with Independence Day. There’s a call to wear black, instead of red, white, and blue on July 4th, which is not a particularly wise idea if you plan to be outdoors a lot on the holiday. The high temperature where I live is expected to be 91 degrees on the 4th. 

Bans Off Our Bodies Florida is now in the middle of a weekend boycott on retail spending to protest Dobbs v. Jackson. Also in Florida, on the Space Coast, there’s a pro-abortion protest there, Gannett’s Florida Today reports. Here’s some irony: To reach the story I had to click through a July 4th subscription special pop-up ad, as I did for another Gannett publication, the MetroWest Daily News, to learn about a Framingham, Massachusetts anti-Dobbs protest. “Fourth of July is cancelled,” one of the organizers says.

I don’t feel compelled to mention each protest, you get the point. But here’s one more. Leave it to my state, goofy Illinois, to take thing a step farther. The owner of a Chicago children’s boutique is organizing, along with the Chicago Abortion Fund, a “Families for Abortion Access” march.

Of course, the right to free speech, which of course includes unpopular speech, doesn’t go away on July 4th, once again the far-left is being offensive and angering the persuadable center by calling for “F*ck the Fourth” and more.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit. He plans to spend part of the 4th at the Morton Grove Days festival, watching fireworks there, wearing red, white, and blue.