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Had something to say today and writing was not enough so I did a livestream

Youtube doesn’t have a function for me up download my livestream so I’m going to have to wait till Rumble’s import function moves it over for now but always remember.

You can redefine things all you want but reality doesn’t care, it will still trump you.

Some righteous blows against the left

Posted: July 26, 2022 by chrisharper in entertainment, Sports

By Christopher Harper

With the left’s stranglehold hold over the past few decades on much of the arts, entertainment, and sporting industries, it’s encouraging to see conservatives gaining ground.

For example, singer John Rich aimed his latest song, Progress, at the left’s agenda—a piece that quickly rose to the top of the charts on most music websites. If you haven’t seen the video, here it is:

In the song’s lyrics, Rich outlines a variety of divisive subjects, including his views:

–America’s replacement of religion with government
–Immigration and the death of American soldiers during the evacuation from Afghanistan
–The encroachment on freedoms during the COVID lockdowns
–The impact on Main Street as Wall Street profited from government actions

The message of the chorus is hard to miss:

Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine.
Keep your big mess away from me and mine.
If you leave us alone, we’d all be just fine!

But there’s more. A trio of motion pictures, Top Gun: Maverick, The Gray Man, and The Terminal List, underline individual achievement and patriotism. While the critics may not like these films, audiences love them, highlighting how the elite no longer has much to do with what people like.

In Top Gun, Navy pilots have been tasked with destroying a uranium enrichment plant in a dangerous mission from which few of the fliers are expected to return. Spoiler alert: The pilots complete the difficult mission through individual heroism, military teamwork, and patriotism. 

In The Gray Man and The Terminal List, special forces operators fight corruption in the intelligence and military through a determination to fight evil at all costs. 

The Gray Man, which appears in theaters and on Netflix, comes from a book by Mark Greaney, who helped Tom Clancy with the Jack Ryan series. Jack Carr, a former Navy Seal, wrote The Terminal List, which is a series on 

All three films are about as red, white, and blue as you can get, emphasizing the importance of moral decisions and individual accomplishment. 

But there’s even more. 

In the heart of leftist academia in Ann Arbor, Michigan, head football coach Jim Harbaugh underlined his pro-life stance. 

Harbaugh told ESPN he encourages his family, players, and staff members that if they could not take care of a baby after an unplanned pregnancy, then he and his wife would take the child and help raise it.

“I encourage them if they have a pregnancy that wasn’t planned, to go through with it, go through with it,” Harbaugh said. “Let that unborn child be born, and if at that time, you don’t feel like you can care for it, you don’t have the means or the wherewithal, then Sarah and I will take that baby.”

In a world where a lot seems headed in the wrong direction, it’s heartening to see conservatives fighting back in arenas long dominated by the left.