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A good ride

Posted: July 5, 2022 by chrisharper in media

By Christopher Harper

After working for nearly 50 years, I finally retired last week.

It was a good ride for much of my working life.

I stumbled into journalism at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, which I attended mainly because my high school girlfriend went there.

In relatively short order, I dumped the girlfriend and my accounting major, choosing journalism because cool kids in my graduating class in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, worked for the high school newspaper.

I got a chance to cover events, such as the ill-fated presidential campaign of George McGovern and the American Indian Movement takeover in Wounded Knee, South Dakota, catapulting me into various exciting jobs.

While attending Northwestern University, I started at The Associated Press, where I wrote about economics, including the downturn of Playboy’s hold on American men and the fifth anniversary of the murder of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton.

With a helpful hand from a Northwestern professor, I got a job at Newsweek, which allowed me to ramble throughout the Midwest, covering labor and some local politics. I even got to profile Minnesota Twin Rod Carew as he almost succeeded in hitting .400 one year.

Nevertheless, I had an overwhelming desire to work in Washington, D.C., where I had spent a semester reporting for two small newspapers in South Carolina and Tennessee during the days of Watergate.

But I found Washington wanting—a boring place of people who thought too much of themselves.

During my two-year stay there, however, I got a chance to report on one of the most intriguing stories of the 20th century: the death of more than 900 people in Jonestown, Guyana. I was one of a handful of reporters who surveyed the scene of bloated bodies killed in a ritual of suicide and murder.

When I complained to my boss at Newsweek that I wanted to get out of Washington, he only half jested that Beirut was open. My wife Elizabeth and I headed off to the Mideast for a fascinating frontline look at the history of deceit and death there.

An unwilling war correspondent, I managed to cover three significant Middle East confrontations: the Lebanese civil war, the 1982 Israeli-Palestinian war, and the Iraq-Iran war.

When I discovered that the Beirut reporter for ABC News made more than two times what I did at Newsweek, I switched to television. My talents in front of the camera were far inferior to my abilities as a producer/reporter, where I lasted for 15 years in Cairo, Rome, and New York.

Along the way, I had a front-row seat at history, meeting several presidents, many influential individuals, and myriad common folk who made a difference in our world.

I jumped into academia at the end of my journalistic line, mainly because the news business had changed into a profit-making enterprise.

Although the time wasn’t as exciting, I taught several thousand students how to write—a once-needed skill that has fallen on hard times.

I also managed to travel throughout the world, holding teaching assignments in China, England, Italy, Poland, and Russia.

Now I’ll focus on the next phase of life, where I have several legal cases to analyze as an expert witness, three dogs to walk every day, a weekly trip to the Catholic Church as a lector, and this column to write.

I think I’ll still have some good times ahead!

Completely forgot to upload this month’s indulgence calendar although it is available at the WQPH website

Here is the file if you wish to use it:

I’ve now been offering this devotion for a year here, at our parish and at the WQPH radio site. Not sure how many if any are praying it but you never know.

Speaking of WQPH a reminder while the DaTechGuy on DaRadio show is long gone and the DaTechGuy spontaneous Podcast has not had an episode in a very long while the radio show Your Prayer Intentions on WQPH is still going on in full swing broadcast every Saturday at noon and midnight.

If you have a prayer request you wish prayed for you can leave it in comments or post it here at the WQPH prayer wall.

Oh and this one day retreat sponsored by WQPH scheduled for June 23rd while I was at Pintastic NE has been rescheduled to this Saturday. Last I heard there were still 7 tickets left if anyone is interested.

I currently have two online leagues in progress at the Dynasty site, My 1969 Draft league is now in 1970 expanded to 18 teams in 3 divisions. We’re 33 games into a 162 game season I’ve also got the 3rd season of our all pathetic league going on with 16 teams and 100 games. We’re 12 games in and have a few openings (5 to be exact) if anyone wants in. More importantly one of the players in our face to face league is moving to upstate NY in a month meaning we will be a player short. We play a 60 game face to face season with 3 games every other Saturday at Zeda’s Pizza in Fitchburg MA. If anyone is interest in taking over last years world series champion Colorado Rockies and can commit to about 4 hour every two weeks in Fitchburg contact me ASAP.

I’ll be doing full league posts both here and at

Finally I haven’t heard back from the Lawrence School nor did I get the hard copies of the info I had been looking for concerning the CRT stuff being taught that I hinted at before Pintastic so I’m going to go ahead and put out the rest of what I have next week. I’d do it this week but I figure less people are paying attention during this week.

That our enemies put a concerted effort to take over our schools to hurt us is to be expected. That Americans are not only cooperating with these efforts and even using them for profit is obscene.