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Do You Feel a Draft in the Air?

Posted: July 27, 2022 by datechguy in News/opinion
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Bernard Wooley: Prime Minister isn’t conscription a rather courageous policy?

PM Jim Hacker: Courageous, oh my God is it? No No no well in times of full employment it would be but now it will give unemployed young people something to do, tech them trades and skills. It might even teach them to read, the Army never discharged anyone who was illiterate. it could make them wash! We can give them a comprehensive education, to make up for their comprehensive education

Yes Prime Minister The Grand Design 1986

Do you know what happens when your military goes woke and you get stories like this:

The army of the past is almost nonexistent today and most branches of the service – particularly the Army – are missing their recruiting goals badly. Morale is down and attracting qualified recruits is getting harder. And the services may have to begin significantly reducing standards 

and this:

the Pentagon has become a political institution, one that has prioritized woke culture, diversity, equity and inclusion. This is not a reflection of those who wear the uniform, have fought in foreign lands or those who joined as their patriotic duty to protect our nation – instead, it is a damning indictment of Pentagon political leadership and the generals and colonels who enforce it, as clearly reflected in the latest and unprecedented recruitment and retention failures, where even the small percentage of Americans able to serve, aren’t interested in doing so. As of June, with only three months left in the fiscal year, the Army only met 40% of its enlisted recruiting numbers.

10 years ago I would have been proud if my sons joined the military, now I wouldn’t have them touch it with a ten foot pole.

And of course it doesn’t help when you’re discharging tens of thousands more

All of the U.S. military services have now begun disciplinary actions and discharges for troops who have refused to get the mandated coronavirus vaccine, officials said, with as many as 20,000 unvaccinated forces at risk of being removed from service.

The problem here is all those woke officers and those greased pols who make $ on weapons need a large army or their position and/or power isn’t sustainable, and that means only one thing.

A draft.

If you can’t get people to volunteer, even in a recession and even with large bonus’ being paid, you’re going to have to fill those numbers somehow and that means a draft.

I’m sure that’s going to play well with all those young kids who are outraged if their teachers or professors use the wrong pronouns who suddenly find themselves under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, even if they are made to wash.

I must confess it would almost be worth all of it to see the looks on their faces of the youthful woke left when it happens.

Closing thought: If you were an enemy of the US in 2020 where even with COVID we had a strong economy a powerful military and we were feared by our enemies and the prospect of this continuing unabated wouldn’t you have given anything to get us into the state with an economy in shambles, unrest and lawlessness in the cities and a military in shambles that we are in now?

Wouldn’t you even contemplate stealing a national election?

Closing thought two: Maybe the Army can redefine their recruiting numbers.