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Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – We were supposed to be celebrating the Fourth in the Midwest this week, but our plans shifted by a week. We will be on the road next week. I love celebrating the Fourth in the heart of America, the Midwest, in rural America where it is easier for me to hide from the political and cultural negativity and pretend that things are as simple and kind as they were years ago.

Instead, I am here in Shreveport where we have already had one shooting today and I know with a fair degree of confidence that it won’t be the last; as I write this it isn’t even noon.

I sit here and scan the headlines over my coffee and see nothing but foolishness:

Nine Army bases will be renamed because they currently honor “Confederate traitors.” The new names include African-American, Hispanic, and female heroes who have served. “Officials with the Defense Department naming commission said the changes were designed to guarantee that prominent military locations have names ‘that evoke confidence in all who serve.’” This may not bother a lot of people, but I’m just so over this renaming, rebranding, and rewriting of history. When we take history out of context and force events to comply to current, perhaps even temporal thinking, we begin a trek down a path that leads to a point where we have no history at all. Where does it end?

On a somewhat related note, the New York Times reports that many orchestras, including Cleveland, are scrapping the 1812 Overture in their Fourth of July events as it would be upsetting to people in a time of war; the piece celebrates Russia’s victory over Napoleon’s army in Moscow in 1812.


So, now we literally have to rethink everything we name, sing, play, visit because we have to be certain someone somewhere doesn’t get offended or hurt.

Can I just say, you’d have to be looking really hard to have hurt feelings at some of this. When I hear the 1812 Overture, I do not think, “Oh, yay Russia! Good job trouncing Napoleon’s army! Woo!”

Today, on this July 4, I am longing for a simpler time when we as a nation come together to celebrate our independence, to remember those heroes who fought for it, and who sacrificed so much for it. I’m turning off the news today, I’m going to fire up the grill, light a sparkler, and listen to the 1812 Overture as loud as I can play it. I’m going to put out American flags and I’m going to celebrate the fact that I live in a free country and all that that entails.

Happy Fourth of July!

…Is that they don’t hurt them.

Remember the “Hate America” , “Death to America” crowd IS not only their base but with the violent left, are the only part of their base still motivated to show up at the polls.

So when said base hold such an event it is to be promoted and celebrated because those are the voters that you’re going to recruit for the party, not only as voters but as “muscle” particularly as these are the folks who will be happy to bend or break the rules for you.

As for the apologies, they are as honest as Barack Obama’s declarations in 2008 that he believed marriage was something between a man and a woman and Harry Reid’s promises to Mitch McConnell. This is a post Christian “ends justifies the means” party so lying to a public about their support of these things is just the cost of doing business and of course they know the media will cover for them to keep people who are indifferent or uninformed either unaware of what was said or assured that it was an aberration.

But the left’s people know these apologies are all an act.