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I still enjoy going to the theater for a movie. My last in-theater movie was Dune, and while I have a good sound system at home, nothing can compare to giant theater speakers making your chair shake as a sandworm travels across the screen. Theaters have had to up their game compared to when I was a kid. Back in my day, you were lucky to get hot popcorn with something resembling butter and a seat that was cleaned a few hours ago. Now your seat is cushy, was reserved in advance (no rushing to the theater), and at my local theater you can order alcohol and dinner from your seat!

Movies are finally starting to up their game as well. We went through a drought of movies after Avengers: Endgame that just seemed didn’t inspire spending the money to go to a theater. On top of that, the movies went both woke and China-censored at the same time (which ironically often conflicted with itself). But times are changing, and Hollywood seems to be waking up to the realization that it should make solid movies and worry less about pleasing the Chinese or the woke mobs.

Apparently, its big enough that even CNN is recognizing it.

Look at the Top Gun sequel. Rather then make a movie about a sad Tom Cruise now working as the top DEI enforcement officer at the Pentagon, or cut out the Taiwanese flag on his iconic jacket, Hollywood decided to just make a solid movie. And it sold, bigly, now well over 1 billion dollars. Or look at Spider-man: No Way Home, another solid movie that just focused on being a movie. Or Dune, which took complicated source material and pieced it into an action-packed film.

My point is, if you make a solid movie, more often than not you’ll make money. That holds true across many other disciplines: make a solid product, and you’ll make a solid profit.

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A quick FYI as I’ll be gone all day.

Over the next 12 months you will see the left and the media hitting Joe Biden hard, on his performance, on inflation and eventually on the corruption of his son and himself.

Don’t believe them.

Biden’s lack of competence, his corruption and the results of his policies were all known by them, the first two because he’s been one of them for decades, the final because his “policies” are their policies put in his mouth as sure as the teleprompter words that he repeats.

If they thought for one moment they could win with him they would continue to prop him up and ignore all that is done.

But as soon as they decide that he is a no longer useful idiot they will suddenly discover, to their shock, all of the evil he has done for decades and then give themselves awards for doing so.

You have been warned.