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The New year starts with a drip

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Well thanks to an unclosed valve the new year started with leaking radiators and some wet floors today. This is very likely going to affect blogging in the next 24 hours, not to mention the pre-open house cleanup.

On the 8th day of Christmas some sillyness for thee

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Was doing some channel surfing and briefly came across the Monk Episode Mr. Monk and the Three Julies.

There was a brief scene (couldn’t find the scene) where Randy names his 2nd theory on a case of the person killing Julie Teagers, and it is the T2 theory.

I couldn’t help but think of this clip.

This is a perfect example of comedy about religion without defaming it. And most important it is funny!

Seat him

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There is a lot of fuss going on concerning Gov Blagojevich’s appointment of Ronald Burris the to the vacant senate seat in Illinois.

I don’t trust Blagojevich and it is not unlikely that any AG in Illinois may not be the purest of men, I also find the use of the race card to defend the appointment disgusting and disgraceful. The grandstanding of the opponents is not so hot either.

There is not a lot of glory to be had either way, but I say seat him.

There is no evidence of a corrupt association between Blagojevich and Burris. Burris meets the minimum requirements of the Constitution. As his qualifications while not spectacular are more than adaquate for the post.

Until the Governor is removed or the laws changed he has the right to appoint a replacement, absent evidence of wrongdoing it is legal and should stand.

It is a bit distasteful but there are many things in life that are distasteful. Of course if evidence is presented that there is something corrupt in this appointment then the senate can take action but for now the law is what it is.

Looks like the real thing

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Well I guess we can remove the presuming line this post. It appears the raving atheist is now definitely the raving theist. His first non comedy post confirms it.

Yes, my conversion is real and sincere and heartfelt. It is not a mean atheist hoax or prank. At first I was offended that anyone could suspect me of such monstrous cruelty, but I realize that most people don’t know me well enough to understand how my character would so absolutely preclude such a charade. And having written my share of skeptical posts about the conversion of other atheists, I understand how impossible it would be for anyone who has perused my archives to conclude that I am anything more than fraud.

He promises an explanation for his conversion:

The atheists have justifiably pointed out that I have not supported my new thesis with anything more than a picture and an oath. As noted above, I will in time supply my reasons. I did not do so at first because the announcement was intended as consolation rather than argumentation. Furthermore, the calls for a full and immediate explanation of my beliefs and their justifications are unreasonable. I spent years on the exposition of my atheist views, and as I have noted, atheists disbelieve for a wide variety of reasons, and not all subscribe to the same rationales. I will pontificate at my leisure, in between silly headlines.

His blog will be the place to be for anyone interested in these issues.