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Open letter to the world

Posted: January 15, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Via Israellycool a pretty good youtube statement of the quite understandable reaction to world anger at the Jews:

Any questions?

College Tour Time Anna Maria in Paxton

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My oldest has arranged for a tour of Anna Maria College in Paxton Mass. tomorrow.

With employment still not in place, no takers on the eBay support, Fafsa saying I need to put in 25k in cash a year and a college fund that has lost 33% of its value in the last 12 months. The options are very limited grades not withstanding.

Anna Maria has the best aid offer of the 6 or so colleges that have already accepted him so far. Short of Fitchburg State that gives them the inside track. I’m partial to any college that offers daily mass.

That will likely mean not a lot of blogging tomorrow.

Ricardo Montalban maker of Jihad?

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Mark Steyn reflecting on the death of Ricardo Montalban this week remembers an odd bit of history:

A few decades back, a young middle-class Egyptian spending some time in the U.S. had the misfortune to be invited to a dance one weekend and was horrified at what he witnessed:

“The room convulsed with the feverish music from the gramophone. Dancing naked legs filled the hall, arms draped around the waists, chests met chests, lips met lips . . .”

Where was this den of debauchery? Studio 54 in the 1970s? Haight-Ashbury in the summer of love? No, the throbbing pulsating sewer of sin was Greeley, Colo., in 1949. As it happens, Greeley, Colo., in 1949 was a dry town. The dance was a church social. And the feverish music was “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” written by Frank Loesser and sung by Esther Williams and Ricardo Montalban in the film “Neptune’s Daughter.” Revolted by the experience, Sayyid Qutb decided that America (and modernity in general) was an abomination, returned to Egypt, became the leading intellectual muscle in the Muslim Brotherhood, and set off a chain that led from Qutb to Zawahiri to bin Laden to the Hindu Kush to the Balkans to 9/11.

You think that’s odd, remember the banning of Barbie or the assertion that Pokemon is a Zionist conspiracy?

This bunch of lunatics are living proof that all cultures and civilizations are not equal. Their every waking moment is one big Nelson.

And this is just the stupid stuff, not the Burkas or the honor killings or the killing or imprisonment of gays, ( but not in Iran as they don’t exist there) or the religious police making girls burn to death et/al. Yet that is the crowd that the left chooses to embrace over a pluralistic Israel.


I didn’t cite Bob Owens as a reason to trust the debunking of the CNN tape that they still insist is accurate but after this post I think I ought to:

I asked Mr. Martin a series of questions about the video, including queries about the apparent inconsistencies in the timeline in various versions as told presented by CNN and Channel 4 as noted by Dan Riehl, and why the family was so adamant that an Israeli drone fired a missile that targeted the two boys playing on the rooftop. Did the family members directly witnessed a drone firing a missile, or did they hear the explosion, go to the roof, see a drone, and assume it was a drone that fired?

I also asked Martin, who is in the business of selling news footage, if CNN and Channel 4 were clients, and if so, if they purchased the edited versions of this Masharawi video, or if they purchased the raw footage to be made into a finished product by these news organizations.

Martin responded this evening via email that:

We plan to post the entire unedited videotape of the whole event, on our website, as soon as we can obtain the whole thing from Gaza… something which can happen when there is an end to hostilities.

There you have it, folks. CNN’s alibi hasn’t seen the unedited footage(emphasis mine dtg), and we can’t expect to have them even attempt to provide it until the conflict is over.

So a blogger who questions the accuracy of the video goes directly to the source and asks a series of probing but non hostile questions and gets a response saying we will post it after the war is over. Sounds a lot the the “Jenin massacrenonsense and the Haditha stuff to me, a lot of hand ringing and denouncing at the start and little coverage of the exposure of the fraud.