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Via Hotair, David Schwammenthal’s article on the hatred of Jews is pretty much spot on with one exception. The word Returns.

The irrational hatred of Jews is very old, it never left Europe particularly among the chattering classes that now thrive within the structure of the European Union.

And lets go one step farther, the west and Europe didn’t give a damn about the extermination of Jews in Europe. One can make the argument that as a military matter it was secondary to winning the war, but does anyone seriously believe that any European Power would have gone to war over the death camps alone?

The Holocaust’s confirmation by the average US soldier and the outrage they felt is what became the elite’s “never again” mantra. It dressed an already just war with an incredible moral cloak that will never be lost. Europe’s used their memorializing of the Holocaust to wash away their own mistrust of the Jews in the same way that, in my opinion many people have used the last US election as an act of contrition for their own racism.

The difference as has been said on many blogs in the last few weeks is as follows: When Europe said “never again” they meant that never would they be at fault for the extermination of millions. This statement however hasn’t prevented them from ignoring and or enabling slaughter in the former Yugoslavia or Rwanda Darfur or anywhere else.

When European and other Jews said never again they meant that never again would they be so weak and so vulnerable that they would allow themselves to be slaughtered. Israel has kept that promise despite the best efforts of Arabs and the indifference and or opposition of Europeans for over 50 years.

They will continue to do so.

Vista and the need for speed

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One of the things that will really slow down a vista system is the Windows Areo theme.

It is rather nice looking but can really eat up memory. So via ComputerWorlds top 10 vista hacks we present #7 turn off windows aero:

1. Right-click the Windows desktop and select Personalize > Window Color and Appearance.

2. Click Open classic appearance properties for more color options.

3. In the Color scheme drop-down box, choose Windows Vista Basic or Windows Vista Standard, and click OK. Aero will now be turned off.

You can also turn off bits and pieces of it if you like what you see but don’t want to lose the lot.

A tad of Joe

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On Morning Joe today they have been touching on the president’s press conference yesterday.

I watched it. It was a fine job of defending his record but on the WMD issue I really think he should remember Col’s Chu’s testimony before the house. He should have said disappointed at not finding large quantities of WMD rather than no WMD.

But the making fun of Joe the Plumber in Israel was distasteful. First of all it smacked of a caste system, how dare he go above his place? Second of all if the world press actually did their job concerning reporting then we wouldn’t need someone to tell us what is actually in front of our faces.

Via Jonah another great question concerning the west’s treatment of Islam vs the Jews:

After the 9/11 terror attacks we were told that we must not condemn Islam and Muslims when we express our anger at the acts of terror. The government bent over backwards to call Islam a “religion of peace” and the media went so far as to embark on a multi-year, gratis public relations campaign to put a positive face on Islam and Muslims (see, e.g., the New York Times).

So I’m just waiting for all of these entities to condemn anyone who would say negative things about Jews in connection with protests against Israel.

Personally I think that its because those same politically correct people of the left consider the Muslims inferior and thus don’t expect better. Either that or they are afraid of getting their throat cut.