Kos and the left are nuts…Yawn!

Posted: April 6, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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All over the net this weekend the Markos “Screw Them”™ Moulitsas line trying to link conservative opinion to a murder of police in Pittsburgh and the left’s sudden conclusion that killing police is not cause for celebration. (See Oakland March, Bill Ayers, Muma et/al) has either defended if you work for media matters or condemned if you are on the right.

Am I outraged? No. Why should I be? Why is this any different than what we have seen on the left on subjects such as Israel? How is it different that supporting our troops when they shoot their officers? It’s only been a little over a decade since Limbaugh was blamed for OHC, In the 80’s and even now they concluded Apartheid was all Reagan’s fault and it was the west that was evil not communism. (for the Nation it still is)

These are the leaders that the left has sought, this is what the left is. If you support the Daily Kos et/al this is what you support, you’ve known this for half a decade. I don’t expect better, this is your baseline, my anger is not going to change it and since believers who actually believe are expelled as raciest/bigots/homophobe etc there isn’t a fixed moral code to embarrass or shame you.

And if you claim that this is not what you believe or not what the left believes, where is your outrage? I confess I don’t have an exciting life but i have enough that I’m not going to waste it waiting for it to come.

Update: Hi Again Redstate readers welcome to a blog from Massachusetts soon to be former land of the all the news fit to ignore Globe. Take a peek. You can find leftists that are honorable, one of the greatest films ever, a comedian who will actually joke about the administration and an application of the Cohen rule of bigotry.

Update 2: The daily beast wants the hits too.

Update 3: It’s not quite Princess Di/Mother Theresa but the timing is magnificent:

The Supreme Court said Monday it will not take up Abu-Jamal’s claims that prosecutors improperly excluded blacks from the jury that convicted him of murdering Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. …

What fortunate timing for the Kos crowd to solidify their opposition to cop killers. Markos? Oliver? Bueller?

Update 4: Bueller speaks in answer to this Don Surber post. Bueller notes he can write about what he wants, Don to his credit adds his update. I think Don missed the point. It’s not a question of outrage, this is what Bueller is now paid to do by the Soros’ of the world. He’s just earning his keep.

As for the Oakland killings not only is there no pay in going after the leftists who marched in favor of the killer, he is simply following the advice of a conservative republican president who said:

I’ve never had to explain something I didn’t say

Pretty good advice after all the MSM has made not reporting on things they don’t want to cover their bread and butter, or these days their bread and water.

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  4. True Amurican says:

    You are sooooooo right. The left is TOTALLY nuts.

    BTW, did you hear that Obama is a secret Muslim Kenyan citizen that wants to surrender to the Saudi King? The aliens that anally probed me last night told after they explained how Jesus buried dino bones to test our faith and that Global Warming is a liberal conspiracy to destroy the world economy.

    Keep up the good work “DaTechGuy”. I love that name, it is so urban and edgy.