GA-4 Forum: Cory Ruth Statement

Posted: June 2, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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I just received the following statement from the Cory Ruth campaign I reprint it in full:

ATLANTA, GA—Republican Cory Ruth issued the following statement related to the NewsMakers Live candidate forum.
“I was asked to participate in this important forum months ago, and said at the time I would be honored to do so. I am still looking forward to sharing my message of independence and fiscal conservatism to all voters of every race in Georgia’s 4th District.”

“One of my fellow Republicans has accused the event coordinator of excluding her because of her race. That ugly charge has been vehemently and adamantly denied by the producer and moderator for tonight’s event.”

“While I do not know the source of this misunderstanding, I would never attend an event that excluded candidates based on race. This is 21st century America, and we’re better than that.”

“I respect all my fellow Republicans in this race,” Ruth said. “That includes Liz Carter, Victor Armendariz and Larry Gause. We are not opponents, we are competitors on the same team. I am privileged to take our conservative message to a large segment of the black community this evening.”

Ruth added: “I regret that old-fashioned racial division threatens the civil tone of this campaign. The 4th District is made up of people of all ethnic backgrounds who celebrate their diversity. I am who I am, and I’m running for office as a conservative Republican.”
To find out more on Cory Ruth and his campaign, please visit

I like it a lot better than the Newsmakers statement.

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