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…in a well meaning post defending pro life women from this nonsense from Gloria Steinem. But her post that contains this whopper:

Earlier feminists were almost universally pro-choice and have dominated political debate until now.

This link contains the answer to this canard that is treated as history, but if you don’t want to bother here are a list of a few names that should be familiar if you know any history:

Jane Addams, Susan B. Anthony, Pearl S. Buck, Dorothy Day, Alice Stokes Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Wollstonecraft. If those names aren’t enough, feminists for life have plenty more.

It should be possible to defend pro-life feminism without re-writing history doing it, but that doesn’t get you a gig on CNN.

The only words that Joe Scarborough & Co seemed to know were “Joe Barton” during their interview with Eric Cantor.

Why Cantor didn’t say to Joe: “I know that the democratic talking points are to try to make the election about Joe Barton rather than Barack Obama, and if that’s the Democrats plan to keep power and win elections then they have very little respect for the intelligence of the American people.”

It’s moment like this why I wonder why I watch the show.

Now that Claire McCaskill is now I wonder if she is going to be grilled or pressed Will they ask about the “Betray Us” vote? The closest thing to a tough question was why are we in Afghanistan from Barnicle.

If this is how even Morning Joe is going to play the game, then I might have to change my opinion on if the GOP should bother going on the show. Why bother when the alternate media is out there?

This makes two stories in a row…

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…the first being the news on the budget, that I took with a grain of salt because of the source. Now the Al Gore Sex scandal is all over Memeorandum and Stacy McCain’s joke story is not a joke any more.

The real story here, isn’t the fact that the case was closed (the Washington Post’s line). The story here is that the news of the case was apparently suppressed for 3 years during a time when the Vice President was as prominent as he had ever been.

Let’s pretend the person in the report was named, “McCain”, or “Bush” or “Palin” would the story have been reported? In fact we don’t have to pretend.

Two cause and effects for this:

#1 It might be time to decide to take the National Enquirer seriously as a news source, particularly since the rest of the media isn’t interested. One story (Edwards) might be lucky, two stories add up to news.

#2 Falahime who blogs at POWIP who is a masseuse will be putting up the following sign:

“We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone. Especially Al Gore.”

The money line of the story BTW

Of course, the real story isn’t about masseuse vs. massage therapist, but about this: “The FBI, Secret Service and Oregon State Police all declined Portland Police request to investigate the assault claim against Gore, according to the police report.”

How about that!

…the concept that the replacement of McChrystal with Petraeus brought one line of argument, basically that it shouldn’t be used to try to win, because of course there is no chance that this can be turned around in a year. There seemed a real worry that Petraeus had made a deal giving more time to fight.

The possibility that this could be used to bail out the president couldn’t trump the agreed fret that we shouldn’t try to win.

One interesting note, Barnicle as he is wont to do started giving the names of some of the KIA’s and they faded out quickly. Why? Because now those names reflect on Obama.