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I guess Olberman was listening…

Posted: June 22, 2010 by datechguy in media
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to this post because he caved pretty fast:

Six days after walking away in a huff, the MSNBC host returned to his spot on the blog on Tuesday morning, with the headline “So, uh, this looks like a nice site.” He began: “OK, I’m back.”

MSNBC has no viewers to spare. So when you appeal to a niche market you belong to that niche, period!

from this post reflect the question of “Why I’m no longer a democrat?” better than anything else. First the bigotry against us:

But here’s what I really meant: because I am a faithful Catholic, who believes what the Church teaches (and has taught for over two thousand years) – many people today consider me to be a bigot, and would consider my children to be bigots if they grew up to inherit my (Catholic) views on the nature of human sexuality and the meaning of marriage. I wrote nothing mean or hateful in my original post, yet the vast majority of negative comments I have received are obviously hateful (foul language, intimations about my personal morality, family history, etc).

And the actions of those who oppose us:

Second, if the arguments for state-sanctioned homosexual unions are so crystal clear – why the violence, and why the anger directed at anyone who dares to support arguments against the proposition? This is not an example of me being thin-skinned (over five years of blogging my Catholic convictions has toughened me up plenty); rather, the verbal and public abuse that has become acceptable against proponents of traditional marriage is shameful. Even Newsweek published a story last week about this growing, troubling phenomenon

Yup that makes nails it. As long as the Democratic party makes it clear that believing Roman Catholics are not welcome, them I’m not interested.

My wife and I watched the final episodes of Saving Grace last night.

The first was actually pretty stupid and seemed to both of us generally a waste of television time. You really get the feeling that the writers needed a filler since they weren’t ready to end the series not expecting to be canceled.

As for the last episode I thought there was too much filler and the resolution was hurried. SPOILER ALERT.

My latest examiner column: There is no substitute for reality asks the following question:

How can an under 2 year old movement produce such results? How is it that the Democratic party in general and the White House in particular can’t seem to cope?

Hit the link for my answers and click here for my complete set of Examiner columns. Each hit puts nearly a penny in the DaTipJar without taking one out of your pocket.