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why didn’t you bother to post about Mika’s big revelation?

Because as the Jamie wearing fool points out it isn’t a big revelation.

They have received e-mails and tweets from the White House on Air before as I recall. There is absolutely no secret about it but the fact that she is reading White House talking points (read liberal talking points) verbatim frankly is no different that what the MSM has been doing for years. When Democrats/Liberals have talking points the press has run with them for years. That is no more breaking news than the White House talking points were.

The idea that I’m going to be anymore outraged by it now, particularly since Mika does us the courtesy of not pretending otherwise is laughable.

Question: What is the surest proof that the tea party moment has been effective?

The left and media have done their best try to marginalize the tea party movement, from words from a former president to the phony “documentary” from Chris Matthews, but the proof in the pudding is in this story:

In a major shift in congressional politics, Democrats have developed a severe case of sticker shock, just as many of their colleagues press to prime the pump of the economy in time for the mid-term congressional elections.

Remember that democrats have not only a 40+ majority in the house but an 18 vote edge of the senate and yet it is they who are on their heels.

A real turn off? I don't think so

David Frum might contend that the tea party is turning off moderates, but if that was the reality then we would not be seeing what we now see in congress. The reality of the tea party movement trumps it all.

No wonder they like soccer

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You know come to think of it Soccer does seem the perfect international game where playacting is rewarded vs reality. Do you remember the first Gaza Flotilla that were portrayed as activists until the video game the lie to it:

And it looks like they are going to try it again:

Over the next few days, the media will dutifully repeat the lies of the organizers of the latest attempt to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. They will tell you that the Mariam is just a ship full of simple women who want peace, who are bringing much-needed medications and humanitarian supplies from Lebanon to Gaza. They will call the women “activists” and repeat their insistence that they have no connection to Hezballah whatsoever.

They will be lying.

The man who is funding the boats, Yasser Kashlak, is actively anti-Israel and does not believe in a two-state solution. The woman leading the Mariam is the wife of one of Rafik Harriri’s assassins who has close ties to Hassan Nasrallah. Their ties to Hezballah are numerous. Hezballah refused to allow a Lebanese pop star to join the women’s boat, saying she was too immodest for their tastes

International bodies falling for flops and fakes and not trying to actually win? Unable to deal with objective reality? Yup it all makes sense.

…Jack Welsh on the economic situation in the world today on Morning Joe.

Erin Burnett is reminding people that the US is still the #1 manufacturer in the world.

Reminds me of Churchill’s famous quote about democracy doesn’t it?