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I’m going to give everyone the weekend off for long reasons why you should kick into the Am I worth half as much as Andrew Sullivan fundraiser and just give a quick one instead along with a thank you to those who have kicked in so far.

You should kick in because George Soros sure won’t, particularly after my posts on Israel this week. So If Soros isn’t going to do it I’ll have to rely on you to hit DaTipJar.

in the area. Tornado activity is not something you see often around here and the storm track indicates it should miss here but if it changes direction blogging might be interupted.

If you are in the path of this storm I suggest in addition to seeking shelter unplug your pc etc. If you have a guarantee on your surge protector that is good, but not having to make the claim and having a working PC…that’s better

There was such a line at confession today…

Posted: June 5, 2010 by datechguy in catholic, personal

…that I was unable to receive the sacrament since confessions are heard before mass at St. Leo’s (where I normally go for confession)

I guess that is both a good and a bad thing. It’s a shame that a couple of us couldn’t receive but it’s a healthy parish that has lines for Confession and absolution.

is the comments section of places like the Huffington Post and the fits it is giving people on the left. One example:

You go, Helen! Don’t back off. In fact, given Israel’s out of control aggression, I’ve been having fantasies that the Disney Company will build a giant water slide on the beach at Tel Aviv and hire a piccolo player in a red cape to play “In the Hall of the Mountain King.”

And when we don’t get that we get the moral equivalence card from places like the moderate voice and think progress who conveniently forget that when Israel was formed there was a Palestinian state created at the same time. It’s called “Jordan”. It wasn’t until Israel won the 1967 war that the cause for yet another Arab state in the region took place. Hitting back is cathartic but the most important function Thomas’ remarks have achieved is the identification of those who dreams are beyond just a Judenrein Middle east. As Captain Ed puts it:

Also, this episode should remind everyone that if it were up to Israel, there would be no war. If it was up to Hamas and Fatah, there would be no Israel. And that’s the main problem with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and one that is irreconcilable.

It’s beyond that. I think the goal isn’t no Israel, I think the goal is no Jews period.