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Question: Why hasn’t planned parenthood bothered to get their office in Fitchburg Open yet?

The Sentinel & Enterprise is noting that while Planned Parenthood has managed to win the legal battles so far things are going kinda slow in Fitchburg:

Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts President Dianne Luby announced in January that Fitchburg would see a new clinic this spring, sparking opposition among pro-life advocates and community leaders who did not believe Planned Parenthood would benefit the downtown image.

More than five months later, the windows at 391 Main St., the space Planned Parenthood has leased, remain dark.

“We’re moving forward with plans in Fitchburg; it’s just that we don’t have a date, not even a tentative date, for opening,” said Elizabeth Rodgers, a media coordinator for Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts.

Ah the innocence of youth. Emily you have to understand that the location of this clinic has everything to do with the middle school. Until the middle school is back in business the target audience for the “clinic” isn’t available. Once the kids are back then Planned Parenthood will be able to do what it is in Fitchburg for, and believe me preventing teenage pregnancy isn’t it.

…has as many Christians praying for him as Christopher Hitchens does right now.

I have been advised by my physician that I must undergo a course of chemotherapy on my esophagus. This advice seems persuasive to me. I regret having had to cancel so many engagements at such short notice.

Rules of Christianity not withstanding I find it impossible to dislike Chris Hitchens, he is brave, loyal , honest to a fault and wrong as anyone can be about God in general and Christianity in particular.

He is open minded enough not to be offended by me and others like me offering prayers for his recovery (we’ll offer them for his redemption too but that’s beside the point). I must confess a bit of a selfish motive, I think the world will be a lesser place when he leaves it.

A rare sign of good news and sanity from the war on terror:

EMET has just received word directly from Mosab that the Government has officially dismissed its deportation case against Mosab Hassan Yousef at a federal detention center in San Diego.

Mosab has told us that it was thanks to the efforts of EMET that the government decided to dismiss its case and grant him political asylum.

We talked a bit about Mosab here, but other blogs such as Camp of the Saints and The Lonely Conservative and Maggie’s Notebook really carried the ball on this one.

The blog they set up is here.

Now that he won’t be a gimme target back home look for him to be more of a target here, so that means he will need to be more careful.

If you do a search of stories on the Unemployment extension or lack thereof you will see a lot of stuff like this:

Republicans are united against the extension

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Sander M. Levin (D-MI), a co-sponsor of the bill, said in a press release yesterday that

“Republicans in Congress are clearly more focused on their short-term political standing than the immediate economic security of millions of Americans who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and are unable to find work.”

Evil Republicans yada yada yada, just like the tea party stuff we’ve heard so many times before. You would think it was part of journolist.

Interestingly enough if you look at the Globe today you find this:

Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts is planning to introduce legislation today aimed at extending unemployment assistance for the long-term jobless, funding summer jobs, and providing more Medicaid funding to states.

His plan would pay for the additional spending using unspent stimulus funding, along with cuts in other areas.

“There are some programs in that legislation that are important to Massachusetts during this economic crisis,’’ Brown, a Republican, says in a video message he is planning to release this morning. “But we need to find a way to pay for them.’’

Scott Brown? An Evil republican extending unemployment? That’s has to be as unlikely as democrats showing up for a Tea Party Forum.

How about that actually paying for that extension. As someone in tight shape who could use that extension I understand that the money is coming not from the Government but from my fellow taxpayers. Once people forget this we become a society of dependence.