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My latest examiner column A Civic Tea Party is now up. A quick peek:

Why does the tea party elicit such odd responses? Well everybody knows what the tea party is against, excessive spending and taxation, but what is the tea parties for? How can the tea parties become a movement that is not just a movement of protest?

Well it looks like the Twin City Tea Party and Justin Brooks their newly elected president seems to have found the equation.

More photos of the event here. Local tea parties should get involved in civic activities, particular ones that have been left behind. The more the Tea Party integrates with the community the harder it is to demonize us.

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I would rather not elaborate…

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…but to say my family could use all the prayers you can spare is an extreme understatement.

…the Twin City Tea Party had a flag day event.

And we got pictures:

I’m very sorry for the lateness of this post, I’ve been having upload problems all day.

that conservatives are familiar with:

Sane women understand that feminism is good for all women, and that all women, regardless of their political affiliation, should be comfortable in the movement. Marcotte & Co – the same people who demand absolute deference to a woman’s decision to partially deliver her unborn child before having a doctor stab it in the head with a pair of scissors – think that a woman who decides to run as a conservative is worthy of contempt and ridicule. This is either because they see feminism as a tool of the progressive movement, or they have so many psychological issues that they simply cannot think rationally about politics.

If Marcotte & Co want to push progressive that is their prerogative and they are welcome to do so, but when you decide that only woman with a specific set of opinions are worthy of support then perhaps they should call themselves something other than “feminist”.