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My latest examiner column is now up. It’s called The Butcher the Baker the Candlestick Maker:

The administration is proclaiming the economy heading in the right direction. Republicans proclaim the administration’s moves a failure. The Tea Party trusts neither and feels the government is spending money they don’t have, but movements and parties’ aside what are actual businessmen saying?

As the title suggests I ask the butcher the baker and the candlestick maker how they are doing in a slow economy. The answers surprised me.

As always you can find my complete batch of examiner articles here. If you can’t afford to kick in to the Am I half as good as Andrew Sullivan fundraiser consider checking out those articles as every hit helps.

Exchanges like this:

Now that’s just fun.

…for the administration.

Every single day you have pictures of that oil spill, the media thought it was a great tool to hit the right with. The right which is so much in favor of drilling for oil. It was a great way to show up that Sarah Palin know it all.

Hasn’t really turned out that way, instead it has been a daily reminder of failure for this administration. And now the people who couldn’t wait to blame George Bush for everything and anything to do with Katrina make excuses daily for this administration for what it has done and what is hasn’t. The media can’t help but play the live feed even if it gives no actual new news, and every drip wears down the administration’s ratings.

Fairly or unfairly the administration wanted ownership of this situation, they’ve got it.

Update: Hot air expands on the subject.

Old Habits die hard

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Last night was kinda busy for me as I had a Knights of Columbus and a Madonna Della Cava meeting scheduled at the same time. (The feast is on the August 15th). We finished at the Knights just in time for me to catch the tail end of the meeting concerning the festival.

After the meeting one of the members that I was close to expressed utter shock that #1 I liked Sarah Palin and #2 I was a republican. It is something I’ve run into on occasion although less these days as more and more people are on the net and are exposed to different points of view.

This is what happens when you try to paint people who don’t have the “approved” set of beliefs a particular way. It leads to such an insulated situation that when you see the reality, it comes as a shock and a half.

It also illustrates to me how history bends over time. She remembers the democratic party of her youth, she remembers the days when democratic were not ashamed of believing Catholics, when Unions actually made a difference in the lives of workers. Those days in my opinion, are gone.

It took me 12 years for my presidential vote to go from Democratic (Mondale) to republican (Dole) and a further 6 years before I changed my registration. It took more than half a century for my mother to be weaned from a party that thinks she is a racist/bigot/homophobe hick and has taken her for granted for years. It may take my friend another 20 years to see what I’m seeing or maybe she will never agree with me on politics at all.

Either way that’s ok, but I doubt she will ever be able to keep that same world view of republicans again.