Yet another side effect

Posted: July 15, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, tea parties
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This line from Glenn Reynolds proves that Ed Driscoll is a genius:

But the big news is that the story is now big enough that they have to try to explain it away, or change the subject, instead of just ignoring it. That means we’ve reached Phase Two.

Why is this story big enough? Because the NAACP attacked the tea party causing coverage that put people on the right, including Black Tea Party members on the air mentioning it. And all those outlets that refused to report this story and pretended it didn’t exist suddenly became aware of it.

When even the Washington post is calling it a bombshell with a memeorandum thread, this is bad news for the dems. (Of course we can’t allow that so the Post has apparently changed the headline since the thread began).

The more idiots like Shelila Jackson Lee keep this story alive the more it will hurt both the NAACP and the left.

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