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TV pundits getting you angry?

Posted: July 25, 2010 by datechguy in oddities
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Take out the griddle, make pancakes, french toast, Kielbasa from your local butcher and a small ham steak and cook breakfast for the family.

The cooking occupies your mind, the food is tasty and a family breakfast with some substance is something that makes life better.

Never forget that the people in your house are your reality, the people on the tube are not.

ABC news plays self rightous liars

Posted: July 25, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Cokie Roberts repeats the John Lewis lie, and the panel pounds on Fox and once again nobody touches the words Breitbart actually used.

When Jake Tapper quotes Sherrod saying that Breitbart wants to return to the days of slavery and Donna Brazille ducks saying she doesn’t want to comment on her.

The self righteousness on Donaldson et/al who had no trouble when the NAACP and the media have gone after the tea parties with false charges of racism speaks very poorly of them. It’s all about the loss of control of the narrative.

This show will really be hurt when Tapper leaves it.

Update: Oh and who are Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly? The people that the public trust more than you these days Sam because you, the mainstream media spent the trust you had like a drunken sailor for the sake of your agenda.

Update 2: What the sad thing? Other than fox ABC had more conservatives on the panel than anyone else.

God is funny like that

Posted: July 25, 2010 by datechguy in catholic, personal
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I moan a little about some long terms troubles and look at what my pastor writes in the bulletin this week:

Winners never quit and quitters never win. Did you ever have a coach or a teacher or a parent tell you that when you were a child? It’s still great advice. Perseverance is a powerful virtue but it is a tough one. It’s hard to keep going when it appears that we’re making no progress. But that is exactly the advice which Jesus gives to His disciples. Persevere in prayer. Never give up. Believe that God hears you and that God will answer when the time is right. It doesn’t mean that God will answer in the way that we want, but that God will answer. We are not abandoned. We are not alone.

The breakthrough in humanity’s understanding of our relationship to God was in the first words of the prayer which Jesus taught. Our Father. God is a loving father, not a fierce being detached from us and our concerns. Our Father. Not “my” Father, but “our” Father. We are a part of a community of believers. We are One in God through Christ and the Holy Spirit. It’s never us against them, but all of us before the throne of a loving God who is our father.

Each word of this most perfect prayer is worthy of an extensive, prayerful study. In just the first two words, Jesus turns upside down the world’s pattern of prayer and invites to see God in an entirely different light. No matter how bleak the circumstances, those two words alone give us the hope to persevere.

Peace and Good Will,

At Mass, this week’s Gospel Luke 11:1-13 is all about perseverance. It’s exactly the message I needed today at the time I needed it the most. God is funny like that.