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link that is excoriating Sharon Angle for her position on abortion.

I don’t know if she is Catholic or not but are we do deduce from their reaction that believing Catholics who follow the Church doctrine rather the Kennedy/Pelosi doctrine are too “extreme” for office? Is that not a religious test?

Just asking.

Robert Stacy’s post happens to coincide with a subject that recently came up for me.

As you may or may not know my own unemployment benefits have run out and my wife recently lost her job so things have become incredibly tight around here with only two teenagers working, however I have a liberal friend who has been in much more dire straights for much longer. I’ve been hoping and praying that he would find employment and just got the news today that he has been offered a good job at good money. He will likely start next week.

I had been in a very bad mood to day so this brightened me up considerably. I congratulated him on his change of fortune and we talked about the position. I was arguing that his employment benefits others and talked about the multiplier of employment, he insisted otherwise saying that he learned to live bear bones and would likely keep doing so. Every time I mentioned an item he insisted he would still do without. Finally I brought up shopping suggesting he might purchase perhaps a name brand rather than a generic on some items. His answer blew me away.

He said it was not a fair example since he is still on Mass. Food Stamps the state gives them out 6 months at a time so he will have them for some time while employed. He maintained the example is bad because his food would be paid for with “free money” so of course he would buy better stuff now that he has some other income, but for his own money he would be not be spending a penny that he didn’t have to.

Listening to him describe how foolish Massachusetts is was really something. He talked about establishing residency in NH to avoid the Mass income tax and how he would buy the groceries in NH since stores across the border take them. Liberal views be damned, if Massachusetts was dumb enough to give him the money he was going to spend it and if he could avoid the taxes he would do so.

Liberalism you might want to vote it but you don’t want to live it.

Almost totally random thoughts

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I have a lot of weird things going through my head so let’s get them out:

If you had a beauty pageant with only unmarried pregnant women would you crown the winner Miss conception?

Tangentially to this does the fact that Cosmopolitan is sold at every checkout line prove the radical feminism simply has never appealed to the vast majority of women?

Did you ever get the feeling that the Laws of Inertia were composed by observing teenagers?

Have you noticed that almost every warning about President Obama inexperience that people were talking about in 2008 seems to have happened?

Is it just me but it appears that Morning Joe is the only AM show that is even remotely watchable?

The reason the liberal mindset will never understand the Catholic Church is it a function of the me generation while the Church looks at things over centuries.

Am I the only guy who when Spain Vs Netherlands became the final instantly thought of the Dutch Sea Beggars and the war for Dutch independence?

We will be colonizing asteroids in other Galaxies and people will still be laughing at the three stooges.

I don’t know why but I’ve had almost no interest in Baseball this year.

The best music written these days is for movies?

Piece of advice to girls, if you want a man to look at your face instead of your breasts, don’t put a large colorful tattoo there.

And all those tattoos are going to look really interesting in nursing homes some day.

It is a better deal to get a $1 soda that is not refilled than to buy a bottemless glass of Soda for $2.75 and bloat yourself.

Going to a local diner is a social activity that helps keep a neighborhood together.

How come WW II comedies of the 60’s like Hogan’s Heroes, McHales Navy hold up after 5 decades but action shows like the Rat Patrol doesn’t

And speaking of Hogan’s Heroes, there was a black actor that was on every season as one of the “background” prisoners. I think he had maybe two lines over the full 6 year run but you saw him in almost every episode. I’d really like to know who he was.

F-Troop got worse once it was in color.

Sometimes I really think the left backs up Radical Islam just for the pleasure of riling us up.

The best husbands tend to speak of their wives reverently around other guys

The two most contagious things in a crowd are despair and enthusiasm

I’ve never understood the idea of getting smashed so bad that you can’t remember a thing and then talking about what a great time you had.

Is it just me or does facebook make just as many enemies as it does friends?

I predict in my lifetime China is going to be either involved in a cataclysmic war or a cataclysmic revolution.

When Cuba finally falls it will be really interesting to see how Hollywood reacts

Is it just me or does the entire Arab world work like a giant Mafia family?

You know Washington has done a bad job when the average American is angry enough to take an interest in between elections.

I have no idea how Glenn Reynolds manages to post so much in one day.

…and I’d really like to find out what Wargames he used to play.

As I get older I find myself encouraging younger people to get married more and more.

and I find myself sad whenever I see people who are alone, it breaks my heart.

I think Matt Smith is the best Dr. Who since Tom Baker.

And my favorite character from this season is Rory

I am dying to see the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory

How long will it take for Lindsay Lohan to end up with a reality show?

Did you notice how Lohan ended up a basket case while Amanda Bynes did not?

I’ll never forget when my oldest asked me in confidence all serious if he had a chance with Amanda Bynes. He had good taste. Lohan would be lucky to get him

You never forget the actress you had a crush on when you were a kid, mine was Linda Carter.

People would be a lot better off if instead of worry what someone else has they worry about doing better for themselves.

You know I’m surprised that soda companies don’t go back to half gallons. Companies always shrink packages to raise prices.

If the rest of the government ran as efficiently as our military we would be a lot better off.

This Ad:

Donny Deutsch is going nuts over this and the Morning Joe crowd is razzing him over it. He can’t understand the appeal, I think he is going to go all Kryten on us.

Mika is honest, she thinks it will be effective but says “I don’t like it”.