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Two sentences are in the news today that are worth note.

First of all in NY we have justice for the victims of Islamic terror:

A judge had resentenced a 70-year-old civil rights lawyer to 10 years in prison for letting a jailed Egyptian sheik communicate with his radical followers.

Federal Judge John Koeltl sentenced Lynne Stewart in Manhattan after she pleaded with him to reimpose the two-year, four-month sentence he had originally given her in 2006. She said she has been diminished since her November imprisonment.

An appeals court had ordered a new sentencing, saying the judge needed to consider whether she committed perjury. Koeltl says she did and he says she lacked remorse after her first sentencing.

I suspect she will not be invited to many ethics conferences in the near future but expect to see “Free Lynne Stewart” signs at protests, for as Jules Crittenden snarks:

Dangerous trend. When they start expecting lawyers to not only uphold the law and behave morally, but to avoid actively aiding and abetting terrorists, there’s no telling where this could end. Pols who have sought to abandon entire nations to genocidal chaos, who would shrug and let mad mullahs have nukes, who would seek to put a figleaf on the religious motivation of mass killers, be afraid.

More at memeorandum but have no fear Jules, there is always Canada where an Islamic Mother’s right to kill her daughter under Sharia law is respected!

The judge rejected an argument by Crown prosecutors Mac Vomberg and Sarah Bhola for a 12-year prison term, instead accepting the position of defence lawyer Alain Hepner, saying a suspended sentence can still meet the demands of justice.

“At first blush (a suspended sentence) may sound like a get-out-of-jail-free card. It is not,” said LoVecchio.

“The court has said the act in question does not merit a period of incarceration.

And to those who cry accident lets hear from Barbara Kay of the National Post for a moment:

In 2007 Aset Magomadova, at the end of her tether in dealing with a troubled and by her account troublesome 14-year old daughter, strangled the girl to death with a scarf.

Let it be noted, before going any further into this story, that to kill a healthy human being by strangulation, you have to cut off their air supply for 2.5 to 3 minutes. They lose consciousness and go limp long before they are at risk of dying. So you really can’t argue that you have strangled someone in self-defence or by accident or in a moment’s confusion or loss of control. If a person dies after you have had your way with a scarf around her neck, you can be sure the intention behind the attack was not benign.

If you want to see what dhimmitude looks like people, this is it.

…that all pro-abortion people should be asked:

If we accept the femisogynist line on abortion, then Jessica Valenti is missing a terrific opportunity to be a role model for young women. She can demonstrate that abortion is not just for slutty teenagers; it’s also for married folk. She can show that it doesn’t result in grief and trauma. She can make another blob of cells, identical and justa s valuable (or value-less) as the aborted blob. She can be a role model for all those young women who are uncertain about how abortion empowers women. Valenti made her wedding into a feminist statement; why not her pregnancy?

Good question. Judging from your comments they don’t have a good answer other than anger.

That’s because for the femisogynist, life begins based on their own desires. Talk about playing God.

Update: Check out her follow up post too.

Are these people running for president of the NAACP?

Via glenn who is on fire today.

The MSM has been very careful to talk respectfully about Reagan lately but Eugene Robinson just gave up the game. He agreed with Charles Krauthammer statement of the following:

The net effect of 18 months of Obamaism will be to undo much of Reaganism.

On Morning Joe he agrees saying saying on Morning Joe that the president is “Reversing Reaganism” but unlike Charles he things this is a good things and the rest of the MSM is with him 100%. He thinks they just need to sell it.

Of course the media would also love to reverse the country’s love of Reagan but they’ll settle for this as the next best thing.