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since Bill Ayers was featured on Sept 11th 2001. Headline: An Apology to Maradona, a Rollicking Genius

We misjudged your appointment as coach. We believed that Julio Grondona, the 78-year-old president of Argentina’s soccer federation, had lost all sense of reason in asking you, a fading icon without a coaching badge, to pick up a broken national team and lead it through this World Cup.

Well, so much for so-called expertise.

The very next days, the big story in Soccer:

Germany Crushes Argentina 4-0, Advances to World Cup Semifinals

and Maradona?

Diego Maradona strongly hinted he was stepping down as Argentina’s national football team coach after their 4-0 whipping by Germany in a World Cup quarter-final match Saturday.

Ah the NYT always right on the ball.

Another reason to love Dr. Who

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Cool Fezs: NOTE if you are waiting for the US broadcast of the finale on the 17th don’t click.

Southern Storm: Amazon Review

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My review of Noah Andre Trudeau’s book Southern Storm: Sherman’s March to the Sea is available at here.

This volume is very much worth reading. The only reason I can think of for not buying it at Amazon is that I found a copy in the bargain bins at my local Barnes and Noble for $5. How a book this good ended up in that bin is beyond me.