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comes from LisaInDallas.

This is why I don’t take the outrage of the left or the media seriously on the Sherrod matter.

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but to put it simply, its so bad that even Andrew Sullivan believes it’s corrupt and some members seem ready to out themselves before somebody else does.

Gibbs apologizes, that’s very significant, Even more significant as the NAACP and White house heads spin is this attempt by media matters at spin. This headline is the laugh of the day:

Will media fall for Breitbart’s attempt to spin his spectacular failure?

Let’s see, Whitehouse embarrassed, Media embarrassed, NAACP embarrassed double standards highlighted, the sudden need for “context” before charges are made.

The Bunker hill example is perfect. Media Matters better hope Breitbart doesn’t have any more spectacular failures like this or they will be out of business.

Memeorandum thread here.

The ultimate Irony, guess who is defending Shirley Sherrod, some guy named Williams. Funny old world isn’t it?

Good news and good judgment in Ga-4 as Liz Carter wins the republican primary without a runoff she will face Hank Johnson who also won outright.

Given the demographics this won’t be an easy fight but even more dramatic than the difference between the two on the issues is the difference in energy. Liz Carter is one of the hardest working campaigners I’ve ever seen and will work even harder (if that’s possible) on the general election than she did on the primary. Hank Johnson has missed debates and forums and there are questions concerning his health, (how valid those questions are varies with who you are talking to).

Liz Carter seems to be the perfect candidate at the perfect time. A tireless worker willing to engage any voter and fight for her message at a time where the policies of the left are the least popular.

Anyone who thinks she can’t win this thing should go down to GA-4 and see what I saw. It won’t be easy but she can win this and it will take some serious effort by the DNC and Johnson to prevent her from doing so.