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This sounds familiar…

Posted: July 31, 2010 by datechguy in blogs
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…only too familiar:

Our savings kept us afloat for a year. When it was gone, I borrowed the equity out of my life insurance. That’s gone too. We were hoping to ride out this recession, to survive until it was over. However, it is the longest lasting and deepest recession I have ever seen. And I remember when Eisenhower was president, to give you some perspective. (Okay, okay, I actually remember when Truman was president, but I was VERY young. Practically a fetus, mind you.)

It’s just a matter of weeks before I lose my home. I never, ever thought I’d be in such a predicament. This happened to other people, sure, but not to me. I am a college graduate and a CPA. Accountants were supposed to be immune from unemployment. Not any more. The fact that I am well past 50 doesn’t help. Seniors and new grads are the hardest hit.

As someone who is in a similar boat but nowhere near as far down river as he is I very much sympathize. I join with Robert Stacy in urging you to try and spot him a fiver or two. Maybe we get one payment or two taken care of, maybe not, but sometimes just a little bit of time can make all the difference.

My rather silly review of Amazon’s basic leather case for Digital cameras (works with a small phone too) through the Amazon vine program is available at here.

I’m sorry there just isn’t any way to make something like this exciting.

What do this headline:

FBI Files Reveal Historian Howard Zinn Lied to Hide CPUSA Membership

and this one

So Clarkson was right: Sight of a scantily-clad woman drives men to distraction (… and off the road)

have in common? (more…)

My review of #3.1 of Big Finish’s 8th doctor adventures Orbis staring Paul McGann as the 8th doctor and Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller is available at here.

This begins Lucie Miller’s final full season with McGann. It’s a good one.

As always you can pick this up at Mike’s comics. You can also listen to a trailer the adventure here.