I take a day off from the net and Stacy Gets attacked again…Update: What’s with the Diner, where did the post go?

Posted: September 5, 2010 by datechguy in baseball, business, local stuff, short films/interviews
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I planned on taking a day or two off with scheduled posts and what happens, the left goes nuts over Todd Palin talking to Stacy McCain.

I’ve already spent plenty of time defending Stacy from Johnson & Co. I’ve known Stacy via e-mail now for a year and in person for 9 months. He has stayed in my house, I have seen him up close and personal. I have shared a front room in a hotel with him and my hat still sits on his head on a daily basis.

On occasion he drives me crazy, he is an interesting passenger to share a car with, he is on perpetual hyper-drive, smokes like a chimney and is a coffee vampire. He has Watching him cuss out his pc when it is running slow is an experience.

But as a reporter who is better, who came up to Massachusetts crashing on a couch to cover Scott Brown on his own? Who while Andrew Sullivan et/al were pinning the Bill Sparkman suicide as “right wing violence” actually went to the scene of the crime to talk to people, who covered Mattie Fein in Ca36 when the paper there would not? And who flew to Alaska on his own dime (and the dime of those who hit his tip jar) to cover the Joe Miller victory first hand?

I haven’t done it as I don’t have the money or backing but Why didn’t the MSM do these things? Why hasn’t Andrew Sullivan done this he has the Atlantic to back him? Why hasn’t Charles Johnson, the new darling of the left? Who would do these things if Stacy did not?

This is why the left can’t stand him. He does this without caring what they say. All he does is get the story and fight for conservative values and victory. They can’t stop him so they have to attack. As a blogger and as a reporter he is worth any 6 of them.

On a personal level he is my friend, I would trust him with my own life and with my family’s. I have not seen him carry himself in any way that would make me think otherwise.

Finally I’ll say this to the Palin family in general and Todd Palin in particular. You have more to worry about by associating with my fedora than you do associating with Robert Stacy McCain.

Memeorandum thread here. And let me say it is disgraceful that there needs to be such a thread.

Update: Somehow this post got replaced by a post I’m scheduling for tomorrow on a local diner. I’ve managed to put it right and you can read about Moran Square in the morning

  1. Proud2Serve says:

    Most of the world LOVES mediocrity and HATES success.

    Anyone that works harder, lives by an established ethic, and succeeds at what they love will be despised by most of the world. He/she reminds others of their own failings and lack of motivation.

    There will always be an enormous disparity between the many who try to get ahead by tearing others down and the few who lean forward and run faster uphill.