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My final entry for the field guide from Blogcon comes courtesy of the Kruiser Cabana

Vodka Pundit’s drunk blogging has proven to be an excellent way for people to get through a boring political speech. Will it earn me another trip to this week in blogs?

The two Peter Cushing Dr. Who Movies

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both starring Peter Cushing as a very human Are now available for free viewing on Youtube:

The first was called Dr. Who and the Daleks the second and more notable one is Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. made notable by the appearance of Bernard Cribbins who would later play Wilfred Mott opposite the 10th doctor.

Neither is anything near canonical to the series but they made a respectable amount of money in the mid 60’s.

Hat Tip Combom

Let me remind fellow Christian Jimmy Carter

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That pride is 1st on the list of deadly sins for a reason.

who were so dying to get rid of Martha Coakley that they wrote in either GUY A. CARBONE ( * ) 9,505 or JAMES P. MCKENNA ( * ) 27,711.

This race reminded me of the Auditor race in that I liked both candidates very much and it’s a shame one had to lose, I would love to see Carbone and Jain both involved in government or as candidates in the future.