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I don’t run into a lot of people from the left but Alan Rosenblatt was one of two guys from the left who debated at the Newseum during Blogcon

There is no reason why people can’t disagree on politics and get along, particular when both are RedSox fans. You’ve also gotta respect a guy who will debate in front of a totally hostile crowd.

…you know I’ve always assumed that some traumatic personal effect had a lot to do with Charles Johnson’s volte fache over the last couple of years. That along with an ability to hold a grudge is bad news indeed.

However now apparently Charles is crossing a line in blogger etiquette that I wouldn’t have thought was beneath him:

it turns out, every link in that post to one of charles’ posts regarding the flight 93 memorial is dead now. so here’s a screenshot to show that google’s spiders, with their indifferent eyes, have recorded charles’ deceit.

and Wrist action using a bit of irony in his follow up post. I won’t rob him of the link go and check it out.

Now when I’ve spotted grammar errors on old posts I’ve fixed them but this type of stuff is just plain dishonorable. Considering the season and the excitement going on it’s a great time to do it in hopes that it is ignored. As one of the oldest blogs and one I at one time defended I’m very disappointed. Tim Blair has the perfect line:

Little Green Footballs is becoming littler by the day.

Ironically his dishonorable attacks on Robert Stacy McCain and my banning led to our friendship, the Scott Brown stuff, CPAC the Tea Party express coverage and my recent trip to Blogcon. This only goes to show that God takes even bad things and can use it for good.

I’ll keep praying for Charles, and you should too, not in the hopes that he changes political sides again but I’d like him to get over whatever is troubling him.

Life is too short to spend it angry.

My latest for deals with the idea of non career politicians running for office this year, a snippet:

He (Keith Lepor) mentioned how one of the hosts at WTKK 96.9 Michelle McPhee scolded him saying that he had not “done his time” in the legislature or the school committee or local politics, he didn’t climb the ladder that takes you to the halls of congress.

It looks like Michelle is going to be very disappointed this year. Over and over I have met people whose background has nothing to do with politics.

Expect to see more of this beyond ma-9 and Nc-2 as the professional political class gets challenged.

You can find out more about Keith Lepor and Renee Ellmers at their respective sites. Both are very worthy of your support.

Update: Much to my surprise Keith lost his primary oh well.

For the second time in one day I take exception to something Allahpundit says:

Let’s look at that exit question again:

Exit question for O’Donnell supporters: Assuming she wins tonight and falls, say, 10 points behind Coons, how long should the NRSC funnel money into Delaware for her knowing that dollars lost there can be spent on other races nationwide? To the bitter end, right?

Tell me what was the maximum number of points Scott Brown was down here in Massachusetts? At what point should we have just given up? Where would we be today if we did? Doesn’t anyone remember the political climate just 18 months ago?

When will some conservatives understand that winning involves hard work and persuasion, not just putting a finger to the wind and hoping to catch the breeze.

Sticking a finger in the eye of the tea party guarantees a fight for the soul of the party in 2012 and if the tea party loses that fight there will be a 3rd party and the republicans will not only be done but deserve to be done. This is what I’ve gotten from every tea party supporter I’ve talked to and I talked to hundreds from dozens of states.

Understand this, conservatives don’t support republicans because they love the letter R, they support republicans because they want conservative values to be advanced. if the republicans are unwilling to do this, or if conservatives are unwilling to fight for them, why are you even bothering?

Guys a chance like this comes maybe once every other generation, lets not blow it.

Update: Gateway pundit quotes Rush (without whom republican majorities are a pipe dream)

Rush Limbaugh was right… “They would prefer to have somebody like Mike Castle elected, who is not even as good as McCain. What good is that going to do the conservative movement?”
If only they fought this hard and nasty against the Obama-Pelosi regime.

Guys if you want to know why the national party’s coffers are empty, this is why.