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Just before 10 p.m. after the Plymouth County GOP Straw Poll I went next door to Bella’s restaurant for a bite and in the Bar next to Corey Welch & his party all of whom joined the Axis of Fedora:

You might be asking. Pete, what’s with the grainy film? I owe Cory an apology, it was very late and I was very tired so I didn’t think to relocate to a spot with better lighting but then again the entire restaurant was very dark. It was the best tweak I could manage with Movie Maker to make him more visible

Corey Welch joins the Axis of Fedora

However I have an excellent still of him joining the Axis of Fedora, in fact his entire party joined the axis that now perhaps reaches into the Palin home. (Alas no.)

I actually had already uploaded the original and a black and white version until I settled on this as the best and deleted the other two from youtube.

I talked to Candidate for Auditor Kamal Jain about his campaign and vision for the office:

Q: How has your campaign been received.

A: People love my message. They get the idea of using technology to create transparency it appeals to them.

Q: Why the appeal?

A: They appreciate that I respect their intelligence. Government might write bigger checks and buy other things but if you can balance your checkbook and unit price shop you have the basics at looking at government spending

Q: How do you think Government went wrong?

A: Government got larger and less local, as it became a profession it meant that we lost the ability to see what is going on.

Q: And how is this solved?

A: The internet is more of a game changer than the printing press. By using the internet as a vehicle to make a new relationship with the people. The idea is to allow the people to audit government themselves.

Q: So big government is the problem?

A It is easy to forget that there are hardworking people in government but you also have to remember that Government by nature is not efficient. It consists of people spending money that isn’t theirs on a different group of people. With 537 agencies each functioning as fiefdom protecting themselves you need a more objective eye to see what is happening.

Q: Surely this information is already public?

A: True but its release is not only slow but expensive if you try to obtain it. That is government trying to protect itself, but 13 states already have public checkbooks. There is a massive appetite for this.

Q: I first saw you at the twin city tea party, how long have you been involved in the movement?

A: I’ve been involved in the tea party movement since 2007 long before it became a national phenom. In 2008 when people were saying “Yes we can” we were asking “Yes we can what? I would serve no more than 2 terms, accept no pension and take a 10% cut in pay if elected. I’ve also been endorsed by Tea Party Favorite Ron Paul.

Here is a quick video of him at the twin city tea party in March:

I absolutely love Kristine’s story:

The truth is there is nothing you can do until you decide to do it. Kristine is the perfect expression of the change in this country, people deciding to get involved. She got involved. Plymouth county and the PCRSP should be pleased to have her. I don’t know if she is involved in the tea parties but she is a perfect expression of them.

This story from the Hill (via Glenn) is more significant that you might think:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is playing defense against conservatives in his state angry with his record.

Nothing odd about that, lots of people are trying to shore up their bonafides these days

The Tea Party appearance was paired with appearances on conservative radio in the state, where Graham faced tough questions about whether he was adequately conservative.

Nothing strange there either, tea party groups and radio are great places to court conservatives. What is interesting is this:

Graham won’t be up for reelection until 2014, but conservative activists’ anger toward him suggests he’ll face a primary challenge in four years. He said that he’ll keep pressing forward toward consensus.emphasis mine

Think about that for a moment! Graham will not be facing the voters for 48 months and yet he is not only talking to conservative radio, but to the TEA PARTY groups to defend himself.

Anyone who studies politics knows that everything can change in a few months, just look at the difference two years has made for the one. Whatever one might think of Graham he is acutely aware of this fact, yet he is investing time and effort in meeting tea party groups. Why? Because in 4 years he believes he will need said groups for his political survival.

That tells you all you need about the tea party groups. Graham believes that they will still be a force through at least two more election cycles. Other republicans had better take note of this and get their conservative houses in order. Democrats had better do so too, this is a center-right country, even if our media is left-radical. I suggest that if you have to please either the voters or the media, please the voters, you can always find someone else to have a drink with at parties.

Lindsey Graham has read the tea leaves and seen the future, will the rest of the establishment GOP do the same?