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I finally found a new John Olver sign in Fitchburg

Hey a John Olver sign

And is there any more appropriate location for a sign promoting a democratic member of congress…

The perfect setting

then a closed business?

And in case you think it is a stunt, lets go to the video!

Democrats it’s all yours.

Joe that’s the whole point

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Joe Biden discovers exactly why the mood is swinging toward the GOP this year:

The Hill Biden: Agenda would come to ‘screeching halt’ under GOP

Bingo! You’ve found the secret of our success!

memorandum thread here

Yesterday’s tea party meeting was smaller than most, not only because of the poor people having a fedora wearing blogger unleashed upon them but also because of a debate between candidates Jen Benson and Kurt Hayes for state rep.

When all the speakers were done a very unexpected guest showed up:

She spoke for several minutes about the tea party, unlike many pols republican and democrats he seems enthused by it

After he was done there was back and forth from the crowd:

The crowd was very taken by his appearance and he left with a souvenir of the evening.

A Twin City Tea Party Shirt for the Mayor

The Mayor seemed to grasp that the tea party was not a passing phase but the engagement of the citizens with their government. He seems to be way ahead of the curve here.

This is the last meeting before the election, it remains to be seen if the November meeting will be one of celebration or re-evaluation.

Liberalism in 5 easy mis-steps:

Posted: September 28, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news

Sultan Knish’s “The 5 biggest lies about liberalism” should be required reading for any person in a social studies class in a public school and anyone who ever was in one.

Like multiculturalism, owning the feminist brand has been convenient. And it was easy enough to manage once feminism became a wholly owned product of academia, funded by liberal groups like the Ford Foundation. This brand of feminism has as much to do with equal rights for women, as African Studies have to do with equal rights for African-Americans. They’re basically little more than ways to repackage the agenda politics of the far left in identity colors. That way socialism can be dressed up as a civil rights agenda, and opposition to it becomes racism or sexism.

That leads us to the absurd spectacle of academic feminists declaring that successful female candidates who don’t share their politics are not feminists, but male candidates who do, are. Dig down to their real definition of feminism, and it turns out to be liberalism.

that’s from #4. Read all 5 and keep them in mind when the joys of their ideological purity is expounded.