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When it comes to serious consideration of the issues, no person in the blogosphere brings a more calm and sober head to a discussion than Iowahawk!

The tribute to E. Blackadder in this discourse touched me in a special way.

Today down at the mall a the initial wave of Tea party activists who had attended the Liberty XPO symposium were on the mall for an event including speakers, song and some good times. I got there around 1 p.m. and the program had already begun. Here are my shots from the event:

If the left was taking comfort from the small numbers, they are going to be very disappointed tomorrow when the full contingent shows up and start to fill the area.

Many of the various groups were planning to stay for this event and the Freedom Works tea party event tomorrow. My own twin city tea party is unfortunately only here for the day. There is a lot of video and I’ll upload it as soon as time permits.

Glen was the first blogger who I interviewed for the field guide at Blogcon

I will be posting the field guide daily until I run out

State Rep Candidate Ray Igou (9th Essex) at the Reading Tea Party 9/7/2010

he is an airline pilot by trade and another great example of a regular guy who decided to step up to make a difference. He not only talks sense, I look forward to seeing him at the statehouse.

This is why we will win and continue to win, we are inspiring not people looking for a career but people with lives and careers to step forward to lead. This guy has class and sense.