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Posted: January 10, 2011 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Yesterday it was announced a great American, Dick Winters Major of Easy Company, Normandy vet and the commander of the 101st airborne paratroopers who were immortalized as the “band of brothers” died at the age of 92.

As a gentleman of advanced age whose past was well known it is very likely that the majority of his obituary was written quite a while ago with a few things added to cover any new events that might have happened. This is quite normal when a narrative is already known.

When I look at the media reaction in Arizona it is plain that the obituaries of those who were killed were written a long time ago.

The left has been writing the narrative that the tea party is a violent extremist group and that Sarah Palin is toxic. The have attempted and failed over and over to paint the tea party as racists, bigots, gun nuts and people outside the mainstream of political thought. As their failure became plain they took comfort that, although the public didn’t understand how dangerous the Tea Party is they did and sooner or later something would happen to prove it.

So their commentaries and their stories lay dormant until a suitable event could come around an event that would reverse their fortunes and be, as described in Time: Barack Obama’s Oklahoma City moment.

When Jared Loughner fired his shots on Saturday Liberal pundits were sure they have their story. The person shot was a democrat who voted for Obamacare, he lived in a state where the gun laws were loose, and her opponent was a tea party favorite, it HAD to be true.

So the media pulled out their obits, filled in the blank names and told their story confident that events would prove it true.

Alas what a difference 48 hours makes, from the accusations of the shooter being a military vet to his connection to tea party rhetoric, each meme collapsed under the weight of facts until they were reduced to pointing to maps and and trying to restrain “both sides”.

Simple mathematics suggest that if you bet on a a particular number on a roulette wheel continually sooner or later it will come up, however if it comes up after you have lost over and over again, it is not proof of your gambling prowess.

Likewise the left will pull back and keep their obituary columns in reserve waiting for that one moment to bring them out again as a weapon, and they will prove just as wise as the gambler above.

Update: Stacy Links and irony of ironies includes a picture of him in my well traveled fedora at the wheel in Vegas.

“Introspection” was one of those MSNBC drinking-game words yesterday — evidently they got the memo from Paul Begala — and yet it never occurs to people like that to look inside themselves and question the root causes of their anti-Republican, anti-conservative, anti-Tea Party prejudices.

As I sit here this morning, with my office TV tuned to MSNBC, Joe Scarborough is rambling on about Glenn Beck and Michelle Bachmann and Fox News. No matter how wrong his liberal friends have been, Joe knows in his heart that liberals aren’t the problem. No, the real problem is those Republicans who have stubbornly refused to recognize the moral superiority of Joe Scarborough.

Just bet on black one more time, Joe. Your lucky number is way overdue. And you’ve only got to be right once.

(Hope my fedora did well in Vegas) Also included some fixes in grammar.

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Update 3: Welcome Hillbuzz readers, you might be interested in my examiner column of today. Money quote:

The shooter in Arizona will likely cop an insanity plea for his actions. No word if the left will do the same for theirs.

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  2. Thanks for bringing up Dick Winters, what an amazing figure.

    Yep, you are right, they will just keep betting on their narrative. They will not stop trying to make it fit. I pray that nobody comes along that ends up fitting close enough for real damage.


  3. Peter Carroll says:

    Not enough (fixes in grammar)!

  4. Micha Elyi says:

    Even some programs on Catholic radio were infected by the fill-in-the-blanks leftist narrative.

    By the way, radio listeners heared some variation of “six died, including a nine-year old girl” over and over – not even Catholic radio news dared frame the event otherwise, reporting for example, “six died, including two Catholics” – why such solidarity of the narrative? (Answer: Because we’re expected to care more about girls than other people.)

  5. Georg Felis says:

    They don’t even have to be right once. If they come out whenever a disaster like this happens and fill the papers about how horrible Right-Wing Teaparty Terrorists were responsible, it will become Common Knowledge, and it will take forever to get the truth out.

  6. Khornet says:

    The MSM are not out there searching for the truth; they believe they already HAVE the truth. Their job is to go out in search of stories to illustrate that truth. That’s why the Arizona shooting story was already written; they just needed a place and time and rightwing perp to fill in the balnks.